Huda Beauty Nude Palette


hello my wonderful beings. I have had the Nude Palette since the launch but I can not just review a product, sing it once or twice. I have used it since then and now I can easily talk about what I feel about the colours and pigments and how they wear in a daily use.

So yet again, Huda beauty has came up with one really promising and a great palette that have a combination of nudes and shimmers and pinks. The colours blend in really well and all the transitioning shades are just right on point. The palette consists of 18 colours that work wonders.

This palette has 11 mattes, 5 exotic shimmers and 2 glitters to fill your need of any day look. Here are some swatches from the palette.

The colours goes very well for all skin types. For the glitters in the palette, EXCITE & INFATUATED ,they can’t be applied really well with a brush due to their consistency and texture. They are real glitter shades inside the palette, you should apply the shadows with either your bare fingers or by applying glue under-neath, for them to stay on easily and for longer.

My favourites in the palette will be the 5 creamy shimmers. CRAVE, FANTASY, DAY DREAM, KINKY AND CHARMED, they apply so well with fingers and they are metallic and just right on point to apply on the lid to create a great look. These work so well for the inner corners as well to bring an amazing pop of color. CRAVE works really well for your eye-brow highlight just to be a little EXTRA.

here’s the link for you to get yours now!

These colours are really well for anytime’s look you want to go for. Do let me know what you guys think about it and how the palette has been treating you.

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Bye Lovlies.

My Current Obsession: KAYALI


We have heard about the hype that is Kayali. It’s so worth spending each penny on. I personally have loved them and it’s just right where the scent should be. the perfumes are heavy and lat longer than most perfumes.

They do cost a bit more than normal perfumes but what’s better than smelling like a goddess all day long. My personal favourite are Elixir and Musk. they all are filled with exact notes of each scent according to the table I have mentioned in my previous blog. Each perfume is rich and the scents are intoxicating, that you would want to just get lost in the scent.

Try em on let me know what you think about them!

Take care my fantabulous people.

Life Hack 101: Layering your scent.


Hello and Welcome back everyone…

One thing that keeps a lady more attractive is the way, she smells. If you smell good people just have a good impression. according to some psychological facts people behaviour is based upon how you smell, of course this factor has as much affect as 10% but that does a lot specially if you are trying to impress someone.


Now layering scent is something I have came to know about a few years ago. it means mixing two scents to create an amazing smell. Now that’s something that creates an amazing scent but you have to be careful and know your family of scents. This has been a chart I have found on @hudabeauty and loved it.


This chart has been extremely useful to me and let me know how this works for you. Just know the perfumes you are using and layer them according to this grid. Don’t go around layering uneven scents because it would do you more bad than good. So just be sensible and smell amazing all day long!


Tell me how it works for you.

Bye Chicas.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold and the REMASTERED palette review


Hello my beautiful beings and welcome to my blog where today I am going to talk about the 2 most hyped Huda palettes which is non-other than the ROSE GOLD palette.

Huda beauty has my attention and obsession for quite some time now due to the quality of their products and the textures and how their products look so pretty with less effort of application and worry.

Original Rose Gold 

It’s very clear that the original palette has been used and abused. The glitters in the original palette are amazing but the mattes have a lot more fallout than my preference because you can not apply them perfectly. the shimmers are easy to glide and creamy yet they budge a lot in the palette which messes it up.


for the remastered palette lets just all appreciate the beauty of packaging first. the packaging is good quality and this palette comes with the mirror making it easy to use the palette while applying eye-shadows. the consistency and texture in this palette are extremely good and the eye-shadows glides on very smoothly.

Now lets a have look on the inside’s of both palettes; 

  • 1539451530693Remastered palette has got a new gorgeous shimmer named Pink Diamond that is exactly what you want in a girly night out. it’s a perfect shadow when you want a bright bling to give you a sweet and subtleness at the same time.
  • Another extremely pretty shade is Bubbly that was not in the original rose gold.
  • Doll face is kind of alternative to Flamingo, but as the name says its more dolly and girly whereas Flamingo was more bold.
  • but to fulfil the boldness the REMASTERED palette has a new matte called Risque, it’s a pretty Redish-pink which kind of looks like an alternative to the shade Bossy, but it has less vibrance.
  • oooh and #BlackTruffle is like never before. it’s a creamy matte which is so easy to blend and can be used as an eye-shadow or as the most creamiest liner to create that perfect wing.

I did a contrast video just to let you guys know the difference and so you all could see it and make a decision for yourself. 

what do you guys think which one is better?


Left eye is created by using the Remastered palette

Right eye is painted from the original palette.

According to my point of view both palettes have been tremendous but the new rose gold is a classic from Huda. the shades are more pigmented and textured and the packaging is a win-win. the old palette has been discontinued but if you have the new REMASTERED palette you don’t need nothing else.

just apply your eye-shadows, blend them like a boss and then move around like the Queen you are.

Adios Chicas.