Huda Beauty Nude Palette

hello my wonderful beings. I have had the Nude Palette since the launch but I can not just review a product, sing it once or twice. I have used it since then and now I can easily talk about what I feel about the colours and pigments and how they wear in a daily use.…Read more »

Happy women’s day

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY to all the women out there striving for better lives, working on their career, getting themselves up where they want to be and loving themselves and each other to help create a better society and world. Women olay an integral role in a society whether it’s a working woman or a housewife.…Read more »

To someone Special

Dear, Thank You. The love that we share is the kind that no one in general experiences. The kind that takes your breath away a make you feel on cloud nine leaving you high and I only need you to breath and make me feel complete and a 100%. Love.