To someone Special

Dear, Thank You. The love that we share is the kind that no one in general experiences. The kind that takes your breath away a make you feel on cloud nine leaving you high and I only need you to breath and make me feel complete and a 100%. Love.

Going Vegan for 1 week?!

okayyy.. So its going to be one of the biggest decisions I am taking these days regarding my health and diet. I was just reading about being Vegan and how it beneficial for us and that its scientifically proven that people who lives a vegan life lived 6.1 year more than meat-eaters. I was like…Read more »

Marriages in South-Asian parts of the world

Hello my wonderful people. So marriage is something that bonds two people together and everything ties along, their future, their time, children and everything comes along when you get married. it requires a lot of understanding and good friendship because you need to be able to share your vulnerabilities and stress with each other. Now…Read more »