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The perfect Body Scrub for you

And Hello to all my extremely beautiful people.


  • Want the best scrub that works for your skin in all the weather conditions and do wonders for you?


  • Are you tired of not achieving the smooth skin after shaving and its getting on your nerves?


  • Is your dead skin, flaking off? irritating you endless?

EXFOLIATION is the key here. you have to get rid of all the dirt that accumulates on your skin everyday. it makes the skin healthier and much smoother. But choosing the right product is also very important. you have to be gentle to your skin and stay patient with it. 

Well your girl, right here, has got the best solution for all your skin problems with only one bottle that will help you go through all these seasons and you will feel comfortable in your own skin.

Here is the miracle worker;


This bottle right here is the answer to all your problems.

The packaging is great, price is affordable and it smells, just divine.

I’ve been using this Rituals, rejuvenating pink salt scrub for almost a month and I have been seeing a great difference in my skin, since then. you just have to stand in a shower for a little while and then take small amounts of this scrub and start scrubbing. you just have to move your hand in alternate motions and the scrub will do the rest.

You are supposed to exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week, but it mostly just depends on which skin-type you are.

you should although definitely scrub before shaving. it will give a much smoother finish since you are taking the dead skin layer on top. so it will give you a fine result and you will also get rid of ingrown hair. It also gets rid of your strawberry legs.

After getting out of the shower you will be all like;


I have used another Body scrub and it was also one of the good one’s since it feels and smells so natural.

20181120_152929 This scrub was amazing, but what I didn’t understand is why purchase something while you can just DIY it at home.


To DIY this scrub you just have to follow the following steps and get a body scrub from all the ingredients in your reach.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coffee
  • argon oil or any essential oil you have at home

just mix all these ingredients and srub your body away and rock the days like a queen you are.

To buy the whole set of Rituals.

You can buy 3 balancing bestsellers from Rituals. It includes A Foaming gel 200ml,Body cream 70ml and the Body Scrub 125g.

200.00 Dkr


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Want to get a healthy skin this Winter. let’s get into it!

hello to all my people out there!!! Hopefully winter is treating you all really well. just steer clear from all the cold and flu and the rest will get going along the way.


Skin care is suppose to be your number one priority specially since the cold weather is approaching us, its the time you take the most care of your skin from all the harsh environment. skin dryness is one of the most common factors, you will be dealing with and a good moisturiser is your best friend. so get you hands on a good moisturiser that works the best for your skin type.

So you can save yourself from situation like these;


So I went to a happy place, which too is Sephora the other day, and came in contact with one dermatologist. we started to discuss my skin and how can I maintain a well balanced skin routine that will help get it through this winter and almost all year round!

I have been using these products and I can swear by them. but you have to pick the one’s that works and satisfy your skin needs. I have a sensitive skin and its got combination to dry skin type, so I have very mild products that can suit almost everyone but if you have more oily skin or if you are dealing with other issues then I suggest you do some re-search and try to get the products that would perform well with your skin.


This is my 4-steps skin regime right there that works absolute wonders for me and I’m in love with these products.

Firstly, Be Consistent. you can never achieve your required results without putting all you effort and consistency in it. you have to perform the skin care routine twice a day to achieve the skin that you want.

  1. Murad Essential-C cleanser;

Murad has one of the finest skincare products in the market right now. there products are bit pricey but I would say its all worth it. the products are gentle on your skin and works exactly the way I want my products to.


Double cleansing;

I have been introduced to double cleansing recently, its you cleaning your skin twice in a row to get better results. I would say it does the trick, since with the first wash only your outer layer of skin gets the chance to clean up, but you are leaving your pores that need some attention as well. just apply tiny amount of cleanser and rub your face gently for 40 to 60 seconds, both times and get that cleaner skin.

*I dont use a towel to wipe my face off, its much harsher for your skin try using a softer face towel or tissue to wipe your face off.

  2. Apply the Glow tonic all over your face and neck;

after you are done cleansing your face, now will be the time to get a cotton pad, wet it for some water and getting rid of all the excess water and then applying the Tonic on it and gently patting it on your skin. using water over the cotton pad is just to neutralise the tonic, so it won’t have a strong affect on your skin.

I am literally involve with this pixi, skin exfoliated, applying it gives me a very satisfying feeling, it gets absorbed by the skin and I feel my skin breathing and singing happily! I will be getting more of these because its just that good.

    3. Eye Cream;


Eye-cream should also be one the refined steps in your daily routine, You can start this step as early as 20 years of age. It keeps your skin elasticity and removes signs of aging and improves the appearance of dark circles. I have been using the Kiehl’s under eye treatment, what attracted me the most is its essential ingredient, Avocado. I loved anything that has avocado properties. This eye cream is just amazing and apply an extremely tiny amount because with eye crams a little goes a long way.



   4. Moisturize;


This is a very important step in your skincare routine, specially in winter. Cleansing your face gets rid of all the oils from your face and you need to give some moisture back to your skin. my skin gets red very easily and so I thought moisturisers were not my thing but I have learned over the years that your skin needs to get some external moisturiser to look and stay healthy.

But then the struggle to find the best moisturiser, that does its job without getting too greasy is still there. Don’t worry mates, I have got you. This current moisturiser from belif is just great. It is a gel like cream that sits on your face very fittingly. it has 70% hydration and that is just perfect. I apply it heavily on my T-zone and then spread it all over my face and neck!

*Never forget your neck, its important to do everything you do to your neck as well. the most common mistake is that people often forget about their neck. take care of it!


This is my current skin care regime and I am completely involve with all the products and how they work with skin. Tell me what new products should I try this winter.

Till then Au revoir ladies!

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Them diets

Hi to all the wonderful people out there. Hopefully you are all doing fantabulous. today I will be talking about just about every possible diet introduced to humanity. It’s just a hobby that helps me keep the weight off and look and feel much better.

So all ya all, just get ready to dive into a long journey of how it all started and what I have been doing for almost 5 years.

It all started Three years ago when I got engaged and I got introduced to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, mostly because of my upcoming wedding I had to look good for, and I am very glad it happened because before that I actually never cared about or gave any thought to my looks or any possible health issues I might have had, well luckily there were not any. I didn’t mostly cared about it because I am one confident being and plus my height kind of filled that all, so I didn’t give a fat impression, but sure as Chubby.

But what happened was that I had to lose weight within 15 days for my engagement and everyone kept telling me how the pictures will stay there forever and I had to get myself together. what I started with, wasn’t the right option but it actually kick-started my whole system and lured me into living my life healthy.

  1. Crash Diet;

So yeah this was the first diet I tried because I got worried and that was the only solution I had left, I knew it wasn’t the best ways to lose weight and that you gain all the weight back on but because I became desperate in that time so I was willing to do whatever it takes. I wanted results and no matter how it will end I knew it was only solution.

I drank 4 to 5 litres of water everyday and only had one Fruit or vegetable, 3 times a day and that too excluding potatoes and bananas. This diet ensured that I loose 1 kg per day, and I did. I didn’t think about joining the gym that time but I knew I needed to lose that water weight so I had to do some sort of workout, I downloaded some HIIT cardio workouts for 30 to 40 minutes and I just danced around for like an hour, everyday.

well all of it did worked and did lost 8 kgs in 10 days, I was beyond happy because I have never experienced that before.



okay, so I did got engaged and for the 10 days I did not eat anything at all and when I went back to South Africa, I ate a lot more than I usually ate, resulting in getting all the weight back on plus some extra pounds, which after a certain point got me so scared and I had to think about different ways to get me back on track.

So no, Crash diets are not any good way to lose your weight unless its necessary and you promise yourself to keep your self uptight.

2. Cabbage Soup diet;

After the whole crash diet fatigue I was once again ready to get on the healthy lifestyle train. I searched a lot and came across this Cabbage diet among many others, available on the internet. This diet consists of you just having this soup twice a day with some vegetable if you want.

this diet almost did nothing for me and I got bored with it real quick, the soup didn’t even tasted worth letting it on, maybe if you know how to make healthy soup delicious, then you might get successful with this.

3. Military Diet;

After the Soup diet failed me, I got to know Military diet. This diet allows you to consume certain meals according to their time period. This diet promises you to lose 3 to 4 kg of body weight within 3 days, if you eat and follow exactly what they have given. you can follow this diet for 3 days and then eat whatever you want for the rest of the week.

This Diet does work and you will be able to see results real quick and I really liked this method because I like to follow certain given rules, make sit a lot much easier. But the only problem with this diet was that you can binge eat all the fat you have lost in those 4 days, at least I did. but if you are persistent, you can definitely try this diet and it will do wonders for you.

4. I finally started gyming;

This I would say has been the best decision of my life so far, it literally makes me so happy to talk about this. I know mostly for people gyming or working out is the biggest issue but have you tried “Group Training Programme”?

If No, then you really should because being in the group training programme is a lot more fun then doing it alone in the gym. I am so glad that  I got to know this group training bootcamp. They had variety of workouts throughout the week. I honestly, fell involve with exercising. I loved how I could feel the blood rushing through my body and I had so much control over my body. screenshot_20181114-113652_samsung-notesI got introduced to so many workouts. At G’s Boot camp, they had the mixture of Cardio, Kickboxing, Zumba, Steps and so much more blog with the qualified and the most friendly instructors ever.

I was lucky tat it was really close to my house, but honestly if I would’ve started it and it was anywhere else, I would still go there, no matter what. There is timing and sessions for different classes at G’s Boot camp, and me being addicted to it, I usually took 2 or even 3 session one after another everyday because I enjoyed it and loved every second of being there. screenshot_20181114-113710_samsung-notes

The head Trainer Gusmari, had that charisma and attitude that makes you feel enthusiastic and love what you do. You hate her first but trust me what she does is amazing, and you will be thanking her once you are done, because it is all worth it. There were mostly females there in all ages, sizes, shapes and weights and everybody had smiles and friendliness happening around, it was the positivity of that place that really attracted me. screenshot_20181114-113106_photos

I suggest you join a group training facility if you find it hard to stay motivated and don’t want to join the gym. I have been very sad since I’ve been to Europe I haven’t found a good group training facility and I do still train but it’s just not fun, I will tell you guys all about it in another blog.

5. I thought gyming will do the magic and I don’t have to get on a diet or do anything;

Mostly people think that if they have started workout and do cardio for 2 hours, they will get the body they desire. but the fact is that its 70% of your diet and 30% of workout that have impact on your overall body. that shook me and then I knew that I have to careful and considerate about what I put inside my body to attain what I want on the outside. so you unfortunately have to cutout all the carbs and sweets cravings out to maintain and achieve your body goals.

6. I got back to senses and did the right thing FINALLY;

This was when I have tried a lot and figured out how to do the right thing without just going after my required results.

you need to make a sustainable gaol, which is loosing 1 kg of fat within 15 days and you will end up losing 2 by the end of the month. that’s how you can lose weight, gain muscle and get more energy in your body. eating healthy and working out goes hand in hand and they both work simultaneously.

That’s how you can lose weight and keep it off for as long as you want. yes.gif

Verdict; PERSISTENCY is the key. its something you need the most whenever you are trying to achieve something including getting your body of dreams.

Stay persistent and keep pushing!!!

Bye my Chicas…


Concealer magic

Hi beautiful people, Hope you are all doing great and getting used to of he weather change real quick.

So whats the most exciting part about makeup that changes your whole game?

Well for me, it surely is the concealer. It hides those scary eye-bags and all the imperfections of one’s skin, making you look fabulous and ready to conquer the world.


As the progression of makeup, you have number of concealers to choose from as all the others makeup product. you need to find a concealer that reaches all your facial requirements and suits your skin type. you can choose between the light to full-coverage concealer, but obviously the more coverage the concealer have, the better.

You can apply concealer before of after the foundation. it usually is the second step after foundation. but if you any marks and imperfections feel free to dab some one first and then apply foundation and go under you eyes to get a flawless skin.

I have been using many concealers ranging from drugstore to high-end brands. and these are current one’s that you will find in my make-up bag.


Tarte Shape tape Concealer;

Let’s just bow down to one of the finest concealers in the beauty market. Tarte shape tape concealer had been used and loved by almost every single person that has used it, and it has been really hyped but it was worth all the praises and I personally love it. Tarte has set the stake real high and they have made it really hard for new brands to achieve that quality and to let people love something else other than shape tape.

The texture and consistency of this concealer is definitely very creamy yet thick. you do not need a second layer to hide the blemishes or for covering your under eyes. its heavy and too full coverage to be true. it won’t leave your under eye, creasing. Shape tape is available in many different shades making it amazing for you to choose your perfect match.

Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer;

okay, so lets take moment and appreciate what Huda created with her concealer. She was not kidding when she got that concealer out. I can not honestly, tell you which Concealer between Tarte Shape Tape and Huda’s overachiever is the winner, because I have used both and I utterly felt involve with the Overachiever concealer.

Its consistency is creamy and its a high-end full coverage concealer though I figured that you do need to set it with a translucent powder for it to not crease and stay flawless. Same as Tarte Shape tape it does not need a second layer, because it does the magic in just one time. Somehow I have figured that Overachiever concealer has more coverage that the shape tape concealer. so I am biased with this decision, although with these concealers, your are promised to obtain a flawless, ready to rock makeup. Overachiever concealer too has a wide range of shades available for you to get the perfect colour.

Maybelline Instant Anti-age Eraser Concealer;

So if you want a drugstore budget, full coverage concealer, maybelline did it for you. this concealer is definitely amazing with all the qualities you would want in your concealer.

it definitely is not that full coverage as the Shape tape or Overachiever, but it does give you the fine look you want to go for. this concealer can be used a day-to-day basis or for a glammed up look. this concealer covers up really good and I can used it any day because it does the job for you. You might need to add more layers if you are going total in with the look.

Maybelline Fit me concealer;

This concealer is not one concealer you want to spend your money on, unless you are looking for a non-comedogenic concealer, that does not clogs your pores and keeps your skin face. If this is the reason then it is a best concealer for your face, unless you can get a lot better concealer within the same price. Its consistency is very watery and you definitely need a lot of layers if you want to hide all your skin imperfections. I recommend getting a shade exactly or sin colour because it will hide the imperfections much better than the lighter shade.


Tell me which concealer works best for you and why?

Till then Adios!!


A Visit to Cape Town (part2)

Heeellooooo to everyone.

Let’s get started from where we left off,


So just like the first 2 days, we started this day with the same energy. This is the day we were supposed to go to Robben Island, thats the island where Nelson Mandela had been kept in jail, 27 years of his life before the fall of apartheid. they have turned that place in a museum, restoring all the artefacts. I really wanted to go their, but we could make it since the cruise that takes you to the Island was already booked for the entire week, so if you guys ever plan on going to Robben island, while being in South Africa, and you must, you need to book for it a long time before you travel there.

we did went up to the Ticket place and it was a little museum itself, so we did got an image how it would be!

And we got sad, and guess how we coped?


yeah well, life gives you Food Market, Eat! and thats what we did.

This food market has a mixture of anything and everything. there was little stalls there and all the food was delicious and fresh and worth it!


there were Indian/Pakistani/Chinese etc cuisines, so you have a wide range of food to choose from!

And so after that we went to Two-Oceans Aquarium, its a huge aquarium and they had almost any kind of fish possible ad available in this world, it was completely worth giving a shot. If you book in advance you can swim in there ocean with there sea-life and we could see people through the glass, that surely did look good. You can go in alone and ask for an assistance being with you all the way!

This is one really Gigantic aquarium and you will love it, its amusing from almost anyone of any age.


Our next stop was the colourful city, Bo-Kaap, that is one appealing place to be, it was totally mystifying.


Bo-kaap comes with a lot o history from the apartheid, the first muslim mosque in Africa, is also found there and its just is so pretty to define. you can go to the bo-kaap museum to get a glimpse of Malay culture. It was also one of the hustled places in South Africa, there were so many tourists just walking there, a lot of tourist groups were present there and we also get to see a bridal photoshoot, happening there. It was a lot and it was all worth it!


The last image is the jail where they used to put their slaves during the apartheid era, its still standing their without anything happening in there anymore , because people have sentimental values to that place.

After all this amazing day we went to one incredible Arabic restaurant. It was so far our best dinner, they did serve fresh hummus and their lahmajoon was out of this world.

They had 2 lounges, and they ask if you want to sit in the smoking or non-smoking lounge, its uptown you. they have sheesha provided to you, if you want one or you could just sit in the non-smoking area.

And moving onto the last day, we got up and went to V&A for some last shopping and desserts.

We had to reach at airport early so after all the shopping, we quickly went to the airport.


Oh did I tell you, if you all into dessert you MUST try Cinnabon, its an absolute pleasure having them in your mouth! they literally are fresh out of oven and you just fell involve with it. It was my husband’s must stop everyday it was available.


Well, there was my Cape Town experience, and I did fell involve with it. its totally a honeymoon spot as well. you can go for romantic walks and enjoy the glory that is Cape Town!

Do tell me how your trip had been or when are you planning to visit Cape Town.

Enjoy my loves.


A Visit to Cape Town

Hello to my wonderful people.

So today I will be reminiscing my 5 day tour to Cape Town, which was one of the most bedazzling experiences of mine. Cape Town is one of the World’s most prettiest of places and I absolutely fell involve with it. and you all will too, after reading this whole blog.

So grab a cup of coffee, a glass of juice or just Water, which by the way is really good to drink a lot. so keep your H2O game strong, let’s see what Cape Town has to offer.


South Africa’s weather is very diverse, so you can go to Cape Town any time of the year maybe except July, since its the coldest. Yeah you heard me right South equator works in opposite direction from the rest of the world. so when in November-December, people are covering themselves in coats and cleaning snow away from their lawns and making snowmen, Africans are most probably enjoying their Summer, which is amazing, since its never gets too hot that you feel like you are in desert and it never gets too cold that you have to wear jackets, but you should always have something to drape over you since you never know if its going to start raining soon! But the weather usually stays moderate all over the year. And I can tell you that because I have lived in South Africa, half my life and I love that place, specially the nature and its landscapes.

But let’s talk about Cape Town for this one;


So I went to Cape Town for 5 days and the first amazing thing was the hotel I booked, I was in such a big rush while I was booking my hotel and it was just 2 days before I booked it, but luckily I got a room and that too with the most beautiful ocean view.

This was our view from the Room’s balcony, Do your hear how calming it is. I swear I was out sitting here, looking at the ocean all the damn time.

The hotel was Lagoon Beach, we rented an apartment, so we had to bring our stuff for example water and eggs or bread, but we mostly ate out, so it wasn’t really necessary to bring anything. They did had good service and our time there was pretty good.

What was the first thing we did after arriving there?

V&A (Victoria & Alfred) Waterfront;

We went to V&A Waterfront, Its the biggest mall in Cape Town among many other big malls, but it is definitely the one, with bigger range of products and brands. you can find anything to eat there, a lot of halal points to eat from as well, because most of the food chains are bought by Muslim Indians there, so getting food there isn’t any problem for muslim tourists.


You can spend a whole day here, shopping, eating and just plain simple amusement. Africa is full of colours and music, so you not just get bored there at all.

This is right in front of the mall and Cape wheel. They do helicopter rides here as well, so you can see the whole of Cape Town for about an hour or two hours time. we did not had time to experience that, because there was so many other places we had to see and go to.

We just had pizza’s there and. pizza is always great but one of the African food chains make ahmaaazing pizza’s. its a franchise called Debonairs Pizza. I don’t know what they do that separated their pizza from all the regular ones but trust me when I say they make it good.


Table Mountain;

Fun Fact:Its called Table mountain because the top is flat like Table, hence Table Mountain…

The next day is although more adventurous. We went to table mountain. and it took us much longer than expected since there were huge queues to get to the top, and we had to wait a long time, but surprisingly no wait was boring and actually we had fun while waiting, if you want to skip the lines or hike you need to book online along time before so you can get to the top quickly.



Its extremely perplexing and I just felt so much involve with the beauty that was in front of me. All that wait felt like nothing once we were at the top. it was just prettiness everywhere. snapchat-1448637398

Okay one thing, don’t eat from the shops and restaurants at top of mountain. they were expensive and did not taste vey well at all. we got back from the mountain almost at 5 PM, so we went to Canal Walk after that, its a beautiful mall and of course we had to shop so we went there and had fish and chips from that place.


The next morning was yet again incredible because we went to almost 3 to 4 different places, so quite an achievement I would say.

So our first stop was Hout Bay, its just a suburb of Cape Town with the most scenic view that I admire totally. You can have a romantic stroll in that valley or you could just drive out. there were these amazing handy crafts and toys made from some wire I have only seen in Africa, we love this things there.


OOOOOOH I have been waiting about this part, our next stop was Boulders Bay Beach , and we saw penguins there. oh yes its gloriously tremendous, I tell you that.


Its looks exactly like you see it in the google pictures, its surreal. after being there I am pretty sure my spirit animal is a Penguin. They are just so small and cute. I wish I could take one home.


Our Third most coolest place was the END OF THE WORLD, lol I mean the south end of the world, its called Cape point. it was pretty awesome because that is the point where Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet and believe me its so alluring. you can clearly see the two oceans meeting because of their colour, one looks blue and the other version is a pretty mixture of blue and green. And Indian Ocean side of the water feels hot whereas Atlantic Ocean has much colder water temperature.

Here are some pictures from Cape point;


And the going a little up top there by cars and chairlifts, you reach a place called Cape point lighthouse.


lol and then we stop by at Muizenburg, its a surfer point because its the Indian ocean part of water, making it good for surfing and swimming.


And Finally we dined at La Rocca, its incredible for Steaks and Salads but they had almost everything and it was good. It is located in Canal Walk.

That R there, stands for Rands/ ZAR, thats the currency we use in South Africa

And since my Cape stories are getting quite longer and I am sure all of your bevarges are finished as well, so I have decided that i will add another part about the rest of my visit in the next post!

Till the Bye Chicas!


Let’s talk Foundations.

Hello my lovely people.

And welcome back Winter! *eyeroll*, its getting severely cold here in Denmark. tell me about all of you? How are you guys dealing with the weather living in your state?

Okay so what is the most primal and critical part about makeup? any guesses.. Well it is your Foundation. it can either make up or break the look you are going for.



You need to buy a foundation that suits your skin type, skin color and have the texture and consistency your skin is comfortable with. I recommend you spending a little bit more on your foundation rather than any other product since that is what you are using the most and all over your face. and it has to sit there making direct contact with your skin.

With the growing makeup industry. almost every brand has came up with their Foundation, and as hard it makes for us to shop, we definitely have more options to choose from, regarding our skin conditions and needs.

  • You can chose the foundation that works best for you. for example if you have dry skin, go for the foundation that is available in Liquid forms and have more tendency of moisturising.
  • If you have oily skin, go for the foundation that is matte and can absorb oils from your face and help it to stay less shiny and more matte.
  • If you have acne-prone skin, try to use mineral based foundations since they will not get into your pores and help it stay less irritable, and the ones that have more SPF in them to help your skin stay protected from the harsh environment.

So there will be foundation, for all your skin tyes. You just need to look for the one thats suits you the best, and gives the most flawless finish according to your needs.


How to apply foundation perfectly;

The best way I find to apply foundation, to give a natural finish is through a Damp Beauty Blender. I find that way to be my favourite since it requires less effort and does the job perfectly. Though if you want a more high-coverege look, use a good foundation brush.

These 2 are my favourite brushes to apply seamless foundation;

these brushes are my holy grail.

Here are the Foundations I have used and still use;


Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation;

My ultimate favourite foundation till date is the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation, without any doubt, thats the foundation that gives me the full-coverage with just one layer and it has the most perfect finish. I can’t even describe how much I love that foundation. its high coverage, so I dont use it on day to day basis, I have saved it for al the events and dates with my husband, because thats when I want to feel the most comfortable and confident with my skin.

It is literally the best foundation, if you are into high coverage makeup looks. You just need to get the color that suits your skin the best and you will be ready to rock that look, after applying this foundation. this foundation will not budge until you have to remove your makeup. it is a little expensive though, so you will have to save some money before getting your hands on it.

Fenty Beauty;

this foundation really had been hyped a lot about, on the internet, and it was all true. Rihanna really did came up with the most creamiest textured foundation that sits on your skin really well. its consistency is smooth and rich and it blends in your skin exactly how you wish for a foundation to be.

tis foundation is Matty-fying so its best for the people with oily skin. But I have been using it for some time and I have a skin tone that is more towards the dry to combination  side and its been just perfectly syncing with my skin. So its worth the buy and its not even that expensive as many other, same consistency brands. It is available is all the Sephora’s.

Too faced;

this foundation has also been popularised and talked about a lot. and it is perfect for people that have dry skin, its formulae is very creamy and it has water-like properties that I am not really a big fan of, plus the packaging is not what I like foundations to have. it has a open mouthed bottle, which gets the foundation to go to waste. Although you need to apply 1 layer of foundation to get seamless foundation . it applies really good and gives you a good finish which is shiny, and it removes all the blemishes which gives it a win-win situation. I mostly use it when I have to go to events for a longer period of time, because this foundation will last you through sweat and everything. It is a little expensive but I would say its justifiable.

Dior & M.A.C;

These are one of my favourite foundations that work amazingly no matter how good or bad your skin is. these foundations won’t get you down. Dior’s consistency is very creamy anti glides really well whereas M.A.C is more thick. these foundations have medium to full coverage, which can be used on day to day basis.

Dior is expensive but if you are looking for an alternate which is also drugstore priced, M.A.C will do the magic for you. M.A.C has SPF 15 which is amazing for you skin but should not be wore for flash photography since it will look shiny during night time.


I heard a lot about this foundation before buying it. its consistency and texture is very thick and coverage-wise this foundation is light to medium. I got a shade lighter than my skin tone so I was not really impressed about how this foundation worked with my tone, but it felt really good and light on skin. it does require a little effort to blend it in fully. but the result you get is really good

Maybelline Fit Me & L’oreal;

These 2 foundations are my all-time favourite. they are cheap and can be used on everyday basis by everybody. Both these foundations gives you a flawless finish with one to two layers, depending on where you are going to use it. these foundations are good for all skin-types. there texture is creamy, they are easily blend able, and they will last you a very long time. These foundations can be bought from any drugstore and they work literal magic. whether you are starting out doing makeup or you are a pro and have to use a daily foundation, these 2 will do the trick.

Do let me know how you find these!

Till then, Take care lovelies!!!


fall in Denmark


Hello to all my wonderful beings,

I love nature. All the seasons have some glory to it that makes me fall inlove with it, more specifically Spring and Autumn.

And currently we have Fall happening in Denmark. as much as the fact of winter coming again and wearing all the coats and heavy boot seson is dreading me I just want to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of fall.

I have came from South Africa and unlike the stories we hear about SA not being compatible to rest of the world. its very normal of a country and people eat and sleep and walk just like anywhere else in the world.

Plus its one of the most beautiful continent i have ever seen yet regarding the natural beauty. But what amazed me the most is the fact that Fall here is tremendous as well.


I find everything about fall, incredible. the trees, hoodies, bronzy makeup, its all my favorite. I like fall ecause it gives the impression of re-birth of nature and it tells us that after this falling of trees, the new weather will come givong us the glory of its own. Its all magical, how it works. the nature tells me that just be patient and stay optimistic and enjoy what you can, while you can.

This certainly is not one of the easiest things to do and certainly not the pleasent one either but we can work with it and it is under all our control. we just need to tell our bodies to beleive and think about all the positivities among the negativities we face.


Okay.. enough about the self-care talk. let’s talk fall again.

So I was driving towards Sweden few days back and the scenery on its way just took my breath away. trust me when I tell you that Plant life in Sweden is truely blessed. in winter those trees will be covered in snow, in summer they will be gloriously green and Fall was just as amazing.

tell me what excites you guys the most about Autumn, is it the Haloween’s spookiness or warmness in the temperature? or what is your favorite season and why!

Take care till the Ladies!


Homemade oatmeal Mask to give you a much soother skin

Hello there to all the beautiful readers,

Getting the perfect skin is always every lady’s first desire. every one does, everything possible to attain the perfection, that is created by this world’s standards. First and foremost, you all are pretty in one or another unique way, making things work and being the boss that you are.

But if you want to be extra, try this DIY mask out that actually works wonder to give you a very smooth and baby butt’s skin.


Things you will need;

Great thing about this mask is that you will have all the ingredients available at home or they are all within your reach.

  1. Oatmeal

  2. Milk

  3. Coconut oilScreenshot_20181026-143254_Photos

Yup, that’s about it and you have a perfect skin!..

How to get the mask;

Mix together Oatmeal, you can grind the oatmeal to get it in past form, I used the raw oatmeal. Add in Milk, preferably the one with at least 2% of fat in it. And add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in it. mix them up untill a paste is formed.

You can fix the quantity according to the paste’s consistency you prefer.

here’s how it looked, ready to be applied;


I applied it using a brush but honestly your hands will do just fine. you can even dab it with the cotton pad because it will soak in all the milk and work just fine.

Leave this paste on for almost 15 to 20 min, until it dries out and clean it by washing your face with lukewarm water.

Apply your moisturizer right after it. you are recommended to do this 2 to 3 times a week since they are all natural ingredients and does no harm to your skin, its beneficial.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Sayonara beauties!


Intermittent Fasting (I.F)

Hi my lovely people!…

Today I will be talking about the diet that I’ve discovered recently. I have been married for about 10 months now and I have been completely slacking off on my diet and working out for all this time. As I am a Pakistani, and marrying as a Pakistani means family treats and attending loads of congratulating dinners from all the family and friends from all over, and as a newly wed you are in the happy bubble and you just try to avoid all the negativity, specially no food life. I mean, who wants to think about healthy eating when you are living your best time.


But as the days are getting more subtle and the reality is hitting me I have been noticing all the bad eating habits I’ve adapted in all those months and now that I have acknowledged all of it I think it’s the time I start doing something about it.

So while googling about all the diets and natural ways to get leaner without diet and working out I came across this new diet known as INTERMITTENT FASTING or IF. 

So what is IF???


basically this diet includes you fasting for 16 hours and eat for the other 8 everyday. you can fix yourself a time which is suitable for you to eat and then fast. luckily 16 hours also include the sleeping hours so you can fast during the night which makes it a lot much easier to fast during the longer hours.


I have done fasting my entire life as a part of my culture so it seemed a pretty easy task to me. But turns out, it’s not that fun. you do need to practice a lot of self-control and workout is also needed in order to attain your required results. it certainly is not one of the easiest things but I have been practicing it for almost 2 weeks and trust me the difference is noticeable.


According to the webpages and from everywhere I have read, it says that you are allowed to eat whatever you want during the 8 hour food period but I don’t see that being the case with me.

I had to restrict my food and workout a lot and then see the difference. I must say the results are slow and steady. It works, Yes. but you have to stay patient and work with your body to see the change. if you want to lose weight quicker, this diet won’t work for you.

you are allowed to drink water and a lot of water during the day plus Black coffee or green tea which helps boost the metabolism to burn fat. you can restrict your fasting period from 500 to 700 calories during your “fasting hours”. so you can eat some fruits or dry fruits as a snack to support you during the day and until your food window period starts.


What do I do?

  • I eat from 12 AM to 7 PM and then the rest of the day si my fasting hours.
  • I drink 3 to 4 L of water everyday.
  • an hour before leaving for gym, I have a cup of black coffee to kickstart my system t burn more fat and help gain more muscles.
  • I do HIIT workout for almost 30 to 40 minutes, which increases my pulse causing me to burn and tone all at the same time.
  • Around 5 PM, I have a cup of green tea which helps eliminate all the toxins from my body and it gets you leaner.
  • I walk around the house or go down to walk as much as I can during the day.


I loved this diet and it surely works. this diet melts away the fat and makes you feel really good not just because of losing weight but during the fasting hours your body gets the good hormones increasing on its own which results in better skin and much better mood. in all these 2 and a half week I have lost almost 3 kg completely and the good part is that the weight does not just get put on with you eating for one day. your body loses that fat as long as you keep yourself up for it.


There is no miracle happening without you working for it. So try this diet, it totally works. I will keep you guys updated along theway.

Till then keep your eye liner winged and enjoy.

Take care loves.


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I have a serious S U S H I OBSESSION

Sushi is good for us. no kiddings! It actually has a ton of health benefits… So let us all go to the near Sushi restaurant and gather up all those benefits we can have from it.

Hello and Welcome everyone and before I hear all the groans and moans about sushi being a raw fish and that it tastes bad or how can someone swallow or even digest it. (eye roll).These are all just self-made thought guys, seriously I have had sushi just 2 days ago and I can assure you all that it tastes just delicious and yes I am living and breathing and functioning just fine.

Sushi tastes incredible and I was serious when I said it comes with so many health benefits that are implausible.

  1. It improves your Heart health, since it raw fish, its rich I omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. It gives your Metabolism boost, which honestly is amazing for dietary benefits.
  3. Reduces the risk of cancer.
  4. Ensure healthy hormonal balance.
  5. Sushi improves Circulation.

I don’t think I started dating sushi regarding any health benefit. I just tried and loved it.but one thing to always live by is, and I quote “Excess of everything is bad”. Going overboard is never a good idea rather it goes I the wrong direction.

I tried Sushi for the first time in South Africa. My husband was the one who actually introduced me to Sushi because he loved it long time before me. We specially went out on a sushi date just to practice how our sushi-life would go.



We all could guess what happened after this I really liked it very much but the one with fried prawn is my utter favourite and right after a month I came to Denmark and he took me to the finest Sushi restaurant we have here in Copenhagen.


All of this is just for 2 people. Dont Judge!

Their sushi specifically tastes so good because their quality is mind-blowing. their rice, avocados, tuna, salmon, soya everything has an extinctive perfection.


After that I tried a local Food market’s sushi. the sushi there, was amazing because they had additional flavour and spices added into it, which was out of routine, so I really find it relishing. The only problem I could see from it was that you can not eat a lot of it since its flavourful you feel full very quickly and I believe you can get bored with it very easily. It was good for a change but I would not be eating that a lot.

Guess where we turn back!…

This really looks Delicious. it making me want to have sushi again.




Although Sticks’N’sushi is my all-time favourite and I can surely say that I have been in almost all the branches of it in cph, but we do try out new places every now and then, We went to a sushi restaurant WATAMI. Its a cozy, small restaurant and it is located in one of the posh areas of copenhagen.

Their service and execution was really good but they are a bit overpriced. The sushi tastes really refined there as-well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Their starters ere really good and the meat was well-cooked and had just the right amount of spices on it. it was a good experience at Watami.



Few days ago me and my friend went to a sushi-chain all over the Europe restaurant called Letz Sushi.


the sushi there was okay-ish but it got my friend and I really sick. maybe it was there soya sauce that was a little too sour or maybe its their way of making sushi but you have to be careful, eating sushi from take-outs. It requires a lot of care to make the perfect Sushi so find a good place and enjoy it and gain all the heath benefits as well.

Trying Sushi in Italy

we went to our Honeymoon and of course, we had to try out their sushi. it tastes really well there swell and it was pretty good restaurant in Rome. there sushi had that perfect perk we wan it to ave so we totally fell involve with that.


I’ll keep you guys posted whenever we eat it anywhere in the world and keep suggesting you the best places to try it out.


Till then enjoy guys.

ciao bellas


Huda Beauty Rose Gold and the REMASTERED palette review

Hello my beautiful beings and welcome to my blog where today I am going to talk about the 2 most hyped Huda palettes which is non-other than the ROSE GOLD palette.

Huda beauty has my attention and obsession for quite some time now due to the quality of their products and the textures and how their products look so pretty with less effort of application and worry.

Original Rose Gold 

It’s very clear that the original palette has been used and abused. The glitters in the original palette are amazing but the mattes have a lot more fallout than my preference because you can not apply them perfectly. the shimmers are easy to glide and creamy yet they budge a lot in the palette which messes it up.


for the remastered palette lets just all appreciate the beauty of packaging first. the packaging is good quality and this palette comes with the mirror making it easy to use the palette while applying eye-shadows. the consistency and texture in this palette are extremely good and the eye-shadows glides on very smoothly.


Now lets a have look on the inside’s of both palettes; 

  • 1539451530693Remastered palette has got a new gorgeous shimmer named Pink Diamond that is exactly what you want in a girly night out. it’s a perfect shadow when you want a bright bling to give you a sweet and subtleness at the same time.
  • Another extremely pretty shade is Bubbly that was not in the original rose gold.
  • Doll face is kind of alternative to Flamingo, but as the name says its more dolly and girly whereas Flamingo was more bold.
  • but to fulfil the boldness the REMASTERED palette has a new matte called Risque, it’s a pretty Redish-pink which kind of looks like an alternative to the shade Bossy, but it has less vibrance.
  • oooh and #BlackTruffle is like never before. it’s a creamy matte which is so easy to blend and can be used as an eye-shadow or as the most creamiest liner to create that perfect wing.

I did a contrast video just to let you guys know the difference and so you all could see it and make a decision for yourself. 



what do you guys think which one is better?


Left eye is created by using the Remastered palette

Right eye is painted from the original palette.


According to my point of view both palettes have been tremendous but the new rose gold is a classic from Huda. the shades are more pigmented and textured and the packaging is a win-win. the old palette has been discontinued but if you have the new REMASTERED palette you don’t need nothing else.

just apply your eye-shadows, blend them like a boss and then move around like the Queen you are.

Adios Chicas.


The Journey Begins


About Me:

Hello to all the beautiful being that are present here to read my blogs, im just a 21 year old passionate about writing about sorts of aspects in life including every single thing thats is possible used by me and communicating to all you guys and seeing what all of you have to say about it.

I am really looking forward to interact with all of you and talk about just Life.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton