Some Motivational Words

This spoke volumes to me

Do not keep doing what you already have tried million times and expect the outcome to be different. Change your ways and work on yourself accordingly.


Review: The Alchemist

THE ALCHEMIST has been one of the finest pieces of writings that I have read and literally fell in love with it. I had the book for almost a year now and I just did not read it for no reason at all because maybe the time wasn’t right for me to understand the things it was suppose to convey.

Paulo Coelho is certainly one of the finest writers I have came across and I read the whole book in 2 days time, because it was so anticipating and amazing and you just want to know the end pretty bad. The book gives out major lessons that you need in your everyday life, but you need to give yourself a break to understand and really indulge into the important things the book tells you about.


The story consists of a shepherd from Spain who had a dream about finding a treasure. He was from a family where he was ought to live like his father and anyone before them, but he has decided to become Shepherd so that he can explore the world, that’s when he sees the dream, meets a king, find out about omens, true love that requires sacrifices in the middle of Egypt and coming in contact with an alchemist who teaches him a lot along the way and make him the man who has discovered himself as a different man with a lot of learnings and knowing different perspective of himself.

But does he finds the treasure, what exactly is the treasure, was he greedy in the pursuit of it? Was he able to live a life with his true love?

Have you guys read it? what do you have to say about that, were you happy with the end? Lemme know about it!!


Wednesday Wellness- Hydration

Hello people, Hope every is doing great.

So today I am gonna Strat a series of Wednesday Wellness and the topic I have chosen is Hydration. yeah we have heard about it a lot of times on how important it is to keep yourself hydrated and how should we live on a healthy lifestyle by drinking enough water.

now I know that it is just as normal of a common sense to know that drinking water benefits aren’t just a myth but us, as a human are just some “amazing” lazy humans that avoid the facts and do what our heart please. Now I personally live with my sister who Is one classic Cola lover. she lives on Cola. Thats the kind of people I was talking about as the lazy one’s. Now I do realise a lot of groans about how hard it is to leave Cola for good but let’s get real.

if you want to live healthily and not suffer from bad health conditions that gives you problem at any age You need to start a better life N.O.W!!! and the most essential part is to Detox yourself and drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water everyday. try to drink water at any temperature you prefer. Avoid sugary drinks and juices. Try to stay persistent and regulate yourself accordingly.

I saw a meme few days back saying, Drink more water, you won’t have time to deal with anyone’s bullshit because you will be too busy going to the loo.

So think of that and keep yourself happy and hydrated. Cola ain’t worth it!


Truth Hurts

In this world you can not just keep everyone happy and absolutely not by being honest and true.

But non-the-less stay true to yourself and to others. Lying may save you for the moment being but NEVER will it ever help your in long-term.


NARS Orgasm Blush

NARS is one of the amazing makeup brand that has came up with the creamiest formulation of products and I just love their blushes. they are creamy, long lasting and they just do wonders.

For blushes, my taste differs from time to time. sometimes I feel like going all pink and red and there are other days where I just want a subtle touch of color to bring life to my face.

This is a kind of blush which can be used occasionally, according to the time and requirement. The formulae is build-able with a slight glitter to it which works perfectly for me since I love a great glitter on my face.

You see the glamorous pink shade of amazing-ness. That is just why I love it.

tell me your favourite blush and why you like it?!