Happy Valentine’s day my people.

Newly-wed has its own charms on the valentine’s day. Its our second year together and both of us aren’t so big into celebrating it, we celebrated it mildly. I had a surprise chocolate and a perfume waiting for him when he came home and he came home with the biggest bucket of flowers, possible to carry.

I prepared us a fine dinner for two with napkins and forks and platters and wine glasses with his favorite spaghetti bolognese and some quesadillas and cakes.

And that was all we did.😉

How did your Valentine’s day went by? Do let me know in the comments below!

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My top 5 Series to Binge-watch now.

Sup my pretty people!!!

Hope you are all doing just as amazing as you all are, and sooooo holiday season has approached us and let’s just take a moment to relax and sit back and binge-watch all the series we have been putting on hold while being busy all through this year.


My best part about Holidays are the fact that I can just Eat and binge watch anything and everything. Here I give the best Series to munch on your favourite snack all day in and out.



  1. The Vampire diaries;



It always gonna be my Number#1. I had seen and re-seen all the episodes and completely fell involve with all the mythical creatures and stories about Vampires, Werewolves, witches and almost any other creature they could’ve involved in the series. The story revolves around a small town that gets unwanted appearance from Vampires. The story gets intertwined between Witches and old dark secrets from the past, getting Humans to be a part of their revenge and love. TVD is available On Netflix, and HBO.



TVD is a romantic, thriller, fantasy and Sci-fi.

2. Games of Throne;

Games of throne is one of the most hyped series and it is a finely created story with a political touch, since the story about kingdoms after the highest throne, it involves just the right amount of action and thriller. Once you are in the story you can not miss even a single episode, it’s enticingly just perplexing.



It has action, thriller, romance, drama, horror, Fantasy, adventure and Action-fiction.

3. 13 Reasons Why;

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original that came back, in 2017. the series addresses unique issue that teenagers face these days i.e bullying, raping and suicide. Hannah baker is an everyday student who deals with all these issues and ends up killling herself. the series tell how Bullying someone can effects anyone’s mental and physical being. it is a little traumatic so get your tissues and handkerchief nearby, while watching it. it also comes with the warning because it contains some strong graphic content which is not for everyone.



Psychological Thriller, Tragedy.

4. Arrow;


Arrow is the light headed fun series to watch and relax. its about a billionaire who went out on an adventure with his father and in an accident got stuck on an island for many years and he got trained on that island. when he came back to his old life, he was the person he was before. this time he had a plan to fight crimes and make the state he lives in, a much better place. this journey comes with a lot of fights and challenges which are fun to watch. the series unfold a lot of secrets with time. Its available on HBO and you can watch it in internet.


Action, Drama, Adventure; Sci-Fi, Super hero, Mystery, Crime Fiction.

5. Beauty and the Beast;


its located in the New York City. The series revolves around a guy who undergoes a medical experiment which turns him into a super-human, with all the inhuman things. he decides to stay in hiding until a female investigator finds him and falls involve with him. its a rollercoaster of emotions and drama on how they undergo their relationship with secret they both have.


Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Suspense and Police procedural.


Tell me about what you guys have been watching and how you find the one’s I have mentioned above!



Laser Hair Treatment at home do’s and dont’s

So what’s one of the biggest problem us girls have to face is being hair-free. Over the years there have been many ways, created to help women attain hair-less and smooth skin and everybody wants to find a way that is painless, less time-consuming and the one that has long lasting effects. There are plenty of ways that woman have been using to get rid of hair all over their body, depending on their preference, including threading, shaving, waxing, plucking but the most innovative and brilliant idea until yet has been LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

So what is laser hair removal method?

It’s basically a technique that involves a machine producing small amount of radiation to target and kill hair follicles. This technique causes the root of hair to be destroyed and stop producing more hair, permanently. so you get rid of hair PERMANENTLY. its so much better that waxing or shaving because of how painless it is, but you certainly have to stay patient with this process going on. you will be needing 8 to 10 sessions, every month to get the full advantage of this method.

Now you can get it done professionally or buy hair removal machines that help you achieve the results you want. Both of the methods work, and I can say that because I am experiencing both. I, myself get full body laser done by a clinic and I do laser on my sister at home.

Here I have some of the do’s and dont’s I have asked and been told by the professionals and let my sister follow the same order.


Laser treatment Do’s;

  • Shower a day before the laser treatment.
  • Shave at least 2 days before getting your laser treatment so the laser can attack hair and get their follicles destroyed.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you should have some caution by applying sunscreen to prevent your skin from any rash or problems to occur.
  • Exfoliate while shaving.


Laser treatment Dont’s;

  • Never shave on the day.
  • Don’t put any form of perfumes or lotion on the body part that is going to be lasere’d.
  • You should not shower for at least 2 days so your body heals from the rays emitted through laser.
  • You should not shave for 10 days after laser, so your hair gets enough time to grow back and fall off by themselves. that’s the basic purpose of laser so you can benefit from laser overtime.
  • If you are doing laser at home, beware of not putting laser at the same spot more than 1 time.

Laser I use at home;

This is the Philips Lumea Advanced Hair Removal System, Body face. the head has 2 faces, one for body and the a smaller one for your face or bikini line. it has 5 speed ranks. you can adjust it according to what feels best. the perfect level is the one that does not hurt, so put the speed according to what’s suitable to you. You will have to put the cable while using it.

there is also an app available to remind and guide you through the whole laser process. I was pretty impressed with the app and whole guidelines, and a lot of youtube videos, with made it very much easier for me to work through the process.

The results have been pretty visible and I am loving it and waiting for it to work 100%, I will be reporting you guys all along and I recommend it strongly, its just that it is cost-effective but it sure is one good investment you are making in yourself.



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