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My top 5 Series to Binge-watch now.

Sup my pretty people!!!

Hope you are all doing just as amazing as you all are, and sooooo holiday season has approached us and let’s just take a moment to relax and sit back and binge-watch all the series we have been putting on hold while being busy all through this year.


My best part about Holidays are the fact that I can just Eat and binge watch anything and everything. Here I give the best Series to munch on your favourite snack all day in and out.



  1. The Vampire diaries;



It always gonna be my Number#1. I had seen and re-seen all the episodes and completely fell involve with all the mythical creatures and stories about Vampires, Werewolves, witches and almost any other creature they could’ve involved in the series. The story revolves around a small town that gets unwanted appearance from Vampires. The story gets intertwined between Witches and old dark secrets from the past, getting Humans to be a part of their revenge and love. TVD is available On Netflix, and HBO.



TVD is a romantic, thriller, fantasy and Sci-fi.

2. Games of Throne;

Games of throne is one of the most hyped series and it is a finely created story with a political touch, since the story about kingdoms after the highest throne, it involves just the right amount of action and thriller. Once you are in the story you can not miss even a single episode, it’s enticingly just perplexing.



It has action, thriller, romance, drama, horror, Fantasy, adventure and Action-fiction.

3. 13 Reasons Why;

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original that came back, in 2017. the series addresses unique issue that teenagers face these days i.e bullying, raping and suicide. Hannah baker is an everyday student who deals with all these issues and ends up killling herself. the series tell how Bullying someone can effects anyone’s mental and physical being. it is a little traumatic so get your tissues and handkerchief nearby, while watching it. it also comes with the warning because it contains some strong graphic content which is not for everyone.



Psychological Thriller, Tragedy.

4. Arrow;


Arrow is the light headed fun series to watch and relax. its about a billionaire who went out on an adventure with his father and in an accident got stuck on an island for many years and he got trained on that island. when he came back to his old life, he was the person he was before. this time he had a plan to fight crimes and make the state he lives in, a much better place. this journey comes with a lot of fights and challenges which are fun to watch. the series unfold a lot of secrets with time. Its available on HBO and you can watch it in internet.


Action, Drama, Adventure; Sci-Fi, Super hero, Mystery, Crime Fiction.

5. Beauty and the Beast;


its located in the New York City. The series revolves around a guy who undergoes a medical experiment which turns him into a super-human, with all the inhuman things. he decides to stay in hiding until a female investigator finds him and falls involve with him. its a rollercoaster of emotions and drama on how they undergo their relationship with secret they both have.


Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Suspense and Police procedural.


Tell me about what you guys have been watching and how you find the one’s I have mentioned above!



A Visit to Cape Town (part2)

Heeellooooo to everyone.

Let’s get started from where we left off,


So just like the first 2 days, we started this day with the same energy. This is the day we were supposed to go to Robben Island, thats the island where Nelson Mandela had been kept in jail, 27 years of his life before the fall of apartheid. they have turned that place in a museum, restoring all the artefacts. I really wanted to go their, but we could make it since the cruise that takes you to the Island was already booked for the entire week, so if you guys ever plan on going to Robben island, while being in South Africa, and you must, you need to book for it a long time before you travel there.

we did went up to the Ticket place and it was a little museum itself, so we did got an image how it would be!

And we got sad, and guess how we coped?


yeah well, life gives you Food Market, Eat! and thats what we did.

This food market has a mixture of anything and everything. there was little stalls there and all the food was delicious and fresh and worth it!


there were Indian/Pakistani/Chinese etc cuisines, so you have a wide range of food to choose from!

And so after that we went to Two-Oceans Aquarium, its a huge aquarium and they had almost any kind of fish possible ad available in this world, it was completely worth giving a shot. If you book in advance you can swim in there ocean with there sea-life and we could see people through the glass, that surely did look good. You can go in alone and ask for an assistance being with you all the way!

This is one really Gigantic aquarium and you will love it, its amusing from almost anyone of any age.


Our next stop was the colourful city, Bo-Kaap, that is one appealing place to be, it was totally mystifying.


Bo-kaap comes with a lot o history from the apartheid, the first muslim mosque in Africa, is also found there and its just is so pretty to define. you can go to the bo-kaap museum to get a glimpse of Malay culture. It was also one of the hustled places in South Africa, there were so many tourists just walking there, a lot of tourist groups were present there and we also get to see a bridal photoshoot, happening there. It was a lot and it was all worth it!


The last image is the jail where they used to put their slaves during the apartheid era, its still standing their without anything happening in there anymore , because people have sentimental values to that place.

After all this amazing day we went to one incredible Arabic restaurant. It was so far our best dinner, they did serve fresh hummus and their lahmajoon was out of this world.

They had 2 lounges, and they ask if you want to sit in the smoking or non-smoking lounge, its uptown you. they have sheesha provided to you, if you want one or you could just sit in the non-smoking area.

And moving onto the last day, we got up and went to V&A for some last shopping and desserts.

We had to reach at airport early so after all the shopping, we quickly went to the airport.


Oh did I tell you, if you all into dessert you MUST try Cinnabon, its an absolute pleasure having them in your mouth! they literally are fresh out of oven and you just fell involve with it. It was my husband’s must stop everyday it was available.


Well, there was my Cape Town experience, and I did fell involve with it. its totally a honeymoon spot as well. you can go for romantic walks and enjoy the glory that is Cape Town!

Do tell me how your trip had been or when are you planning to visit Cape Town.

Enjoy my loves.


A Visit to Cape Town

Hello to my wonderful people.

So today I will be reminiscing my 5 day tour to Cape Town, which was one of the most bedazzling experiences of mine. Cape Town is one of the World’s most prettiest of places and I absolutely fell involve with it. and you all will too, after reading this whole blog.

So grab a cup of coffee, a glass of juice or just Water, which by the way is really good to drink a lot. so keep your H2O game strong, let’s see what Cape Town has to offer.


South Africa’s weather is very diverse, so you can go to Cape Town any time of the year maybe except July, since its the coldest. Yeah you heard me right South equator works in opposite direction from the rest of the world. so when in November-December, people are covering themselves in coats and cleaning snow away from their lawns and making snowmen, Africans are most probably enjoying their Summer, which is amazing, since its never gets too hot that you feel like you are in desert and it never gets too cold that you have to wear jackets, but you should always have something to drape over you since you never know if its going to start raining soon! But the weather usually stays moderate all over the year. And I can tell you that because I have lived in South Africa, half my life and I love that place, specially the nature and its landscapes.

But let’s talk about Cape Town for this one;


So I went to Cape Town for 5 days and the first amazing thing was the hotel I booked, I was in such a big rush while I was booking my hotel and it was just 2 days before I booked it, but luckily I got a room and that too with the most beautiful ocean view.

This was our view from the Room’s balcony, Do your hear how calming it is. I swear I was out sitting here, looking at the ocean all the damn time.

The hotel was Lagoon Beach, we rented an apartment, so we had to bring our stuff for example water and eggs or bread, but we mostly ate out, so it wasn’t really necessary to bring anything. They did had good service and our time there was pretty good.

What was the first thing we did after arriving there?

V&A (Victoria & Alfred) Waterfront;

We went to V&A Waterfront, Its the biggest mall in Cape Town among many other big malls, but it is definitely the one, with bigger range of products and brands. you can find anything to eat there, a lot of halal points to eat from as well, because most of the food chains are bought by Muslim Indians there, so getting food there isn’t any problem for muslim tourists.


You can spend a whole day here, shopping, eating and just plain simple amusement. Africa is full of colours and music, so you not just get bored there at all.

This is right in front of the mall and Cape wheel. They do helicopter rides here as well, so you can see the whole of Cape Town for about an hour or two hours time. we did not had time to experience that, because there was so many other places we had to see and go to.

We just had pizza’s there and. pizza is always great but one of the African food chains make ahmaaazing pizza’s. its a franchise called Debonairs Pizza. I don’t know what they do that separated their pizza from all the regular ones but trust me when I say they make it good.


Table Mountain;

Fun Fact:Its called Table mountain because the top is flat like Table, hence Table Mountain…

The next day is although more adventurous. We went to table mountain. and it took us much longer than expected since there were huge queues to get to the top, and we had to wait a long time, but surprisingly no wait was boring and actually we had fun while waiting, if you want to skip the lines or hike you need to book online along time before so you can get to the top quickly.



Its extremely perplexing and I just felt so much involve with the beauty that was in front of me. All that wait felt like nothing once we were at the top. it was just prettiness everywhere. snapchat-1448637398

Okay one thing, don’t eat from the shops and restaurants at top of mountain. they were expensive and did not taste vey well at all. we got back from the mountain almost at 5 PM, so we went to Canal Walk after that, its a beautiful mall and of course we had to shop so we went there and had fish and chips from that place.


The next morning was yet again incredible because we went to almost 3 to 4 different places, so quite an achievement I would say.

So our first stop was Hout Bay, its just a suburb of Cape Town with the most scenic view that I admire totally. You can have a romantic stroll in that valley or you could just drive out. there were these amazing handy crafts and toys made from some wire I have only seen in Africa, we love this things there.


OOOOOOH I have been waiting about this part, our next stop was Boulders Bay Beach , and we saw penguins there. oh yes its gloriously tremendous, I tell you that.


Its looks exactly like you see it in the google pictures, its surreal. after being there I am pretty sure my spirit animal is a Penguin. They are just so small and cute. I wish I could take one home.


Our Third most coolest place was the END OF THE WORLD, lol I mean the south end of the world, its called Cape point. it was pretty awesome because that is the point where Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet and believe me its so alluring. you can clearly see the two oceans meeting because of their colour, one looks blue and the other version is a pretty mixture of blue and green. And Indian Ocean side of the water feels hot whereas Atlantic Ocean has much colder water temperature.

Here are some pictures from Cape point;


And the going a little up top there by cars and chairlifts, you reach a place called Cape point lighthouse.


lol and then we stop by at Muizenburg, its a surfer point because its the Indian ocean part of water, making it good for surfing and swimming.


And Finally we dined at La Rocca, its incredible for Steaks and Salads but they had almost everything and it was good. It is located in Canal Walk.

That R there, stands for Rands/ ZAR, thats the currency we use in South Africa

And since my Cape stories are getting quite longer and I am sure all of your bevarges are finished as well, so I have decided that i will add another part about the rest of my visit in the next post!

Till the Bye Chicas!