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Going Vegan for 1 week?!

okayyy.. So its going to be one of the biggest decisions I am taking these days regarding my health and diet.

I was just reading about being Vegan and how it beneficial for us and that its scientifically proven that people who lives a vegan life lived 6.1 year more than meat-eaters. I was like WOW!

I never took it much seriously on how badly we are affecting our bodies just by eating meat and unhealthy, so I am going ti give it a go, just to see how it works and how healthy does it make me feel.

Now its coming from a person that lives with a family that loves chicken, meat, beef, turkey and fishes and even myself, I have one of these food groups at least one time, every day.

So I just want to see how addictive am I to the non-vegetarian foods. being vegan promises to make you feel much lighter and healthier but you have to take a closer look on maintaining your micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients so I am going to plan my diet and share it with you guys very very soon.

Do let me know if you have trued being vegan and what you liked and did not liked about it.

See you soon loves!


My Current Obsession: KAYALI

We have heard about the hype that is Kayali. It’s so worth spending each penny on. I personally have loved them and it’s just right where the scent should be. the perfumes are heavy and lat longer than most perfumes.

They do cost a bit more than normal perfumes but what’s better than smelling like a goddess all day long. My personal favourite are Elixir and Musk. they all are filled with exact notes of each scent according to the table I have mentioned in my previous blog. Each perfume is rich and the scents are intoxicating, that you would want to just get lost in the scent.

Try em on let me know what you think about them!

Take care my fantabulous people.


Ultimate Perfumes that are just so good!

Perfumes are one thing that I am so obsessed with. Good perfumes are something that attract me big time and people that have some amazing smell, just take me inn and I instantly like them. I am gonna talk about some of my favourite perfumes and how much I like them and why.

Now everybody wants to smell really good, depending their style and liking. if you read my previous blog about the scent chart and how and which family of scents should you consider in order to feel great about you, you would have an idea about the perfumes that you like. here are few of the perfumes that I totally love and I will be telling you guys about what I think of them. I will be talking about from girly to lady-like perfumes.

Here are some of my Personal Favourites;


Bvalgari perfumes have that Citrus and Vanilla scent to it because its enriched with the notes of fresh, rich and gourmand smell to it. I personally love these for special events and they do last quite a longer time but it surely does enquire a touch up after 3 to 4 hours.


I LOVE FLORAL PERFUMES. A floral perfume will always be my favourite no matter what. I would chose them over everything and this perfume being one of them I loved these. GUCCI Floral has a strong jasmine yet sweet smell to it, making it sexy yet very fresh.

Miss Dior

We all have heard about the hype that is Christian Dior, and it always gets right on everyone’s expectations. its totally worth the price. I literally went to my table to smell it and I can surely say that it has an Oud scent to it which is deep, heavy, woody and sophisticated. it surely is one of a lady-like perfumes that can be used anytime, anywhere. I am involve with almost every perfume that Dior has introduced. but they all have some sort of difference excluding the heavy oud scent.


As the name suggests the scent has notes of Wood. It has the notes of sandalwood, earthy and a warm feel to it. it is a little heavy and could be high depended on choice of a specific person.


MARC JACOBS- DAISY DREAM: Its one of the perfumes that you use of specific occasions, I don’t know if you can understand that but it has a strong mind-your-own-business kinda scent to it which can be used on your moody days. the smell is a mixture of Citrus and Musk which means it has the orangey lime and a unique animalic tone to its scent.

DOLCE & GABBANA- DOLCE: this perfume also belongs to the family of Citrus due to its components of Fresh, bright and limey fragrance to it. the fresh component bring this perfume to my liking as it could be used more often. but I wouldn’t prefer it daily.

MIU MIU: this is one of my favourite perfumes because of it being fruity. the juicy and playful scent is what I really like about this perfume.

VERSACE- BRIGHT CRYSTAL: One of a really amazing perfume because of it giving the Berries, juicy and a high playful tone to it. Its really one of the cool yet sexy perfumes that I love. It’s long-lasting and worth paying for.

HUGO BOSS: This perfume has the Vanilla-ish Oud. Its heavy yet has the cool tone. its quite sophisticated and lady-like. Its just not quite long-lasting and that I can not be fine with because the size is quite big and can’t be easily carried around.

Here are some of the more Women kind of perfumes;


Juicy Couture produces more women-like perfumes that are long lasting and strong and heavy. These perfumes have a musk tone to it that is very aromatic. they sit heavy on skin and gives you amazing feel for a longer period of time.


One of the very intense and strong perfumes are right here. These 2 perfumes are the most strong perfumes I have owned. The Musk scent to it which has warm, airy, earthy and warm scent making them highly intoxicating. they are great but the scent is very unique which I believe can’t be liked by most people. It depends on taste from person to person. or should I say lady to lady.

Here are some of the perfumes that I have had been using. let me know about your favourite perfumes and what you like in them.

Laters guys!


Life Hack 102: How to let your scent stay on for long.

Heya my people!!!

Let’s talk body odour. Everybody has an extinct odour and everybody likes to smell fresh and exotic all day long.


Scents also have its own way of commencing with the body from person to person. You should always give some time to see how a fragrance stays on you. Does it change its scent? Does it stay fresh all day from applying and re-applying? How long does it last? All these questions are important to understand in order to configure the right fragrance for yourself.


  • Now the first rule to a feeling utterly great is to moisturise your skin before applying the perfume. Scent gets locked in the moisturised skin and stays on for some more time than non moisturised skin.
  • After you are done showering and moisturising yourself, thats the best time to apply the perfume.
  • Always target your pulse points. perfumes will stay on towards the nerves of your body.
  • The most common points are; Wrists, back off the ear, back of your knee, and the malleolus.


  • If you apply vaseline to these points and spray your perfume on. it surely is going to stay on for longer period of time.
  • Keep applying the perfume all day long after 3 to 4 hours, depending on your body’s need.
  • One of the hacks I personally use is to apply the perfume over my hairbrush and then comb your hair. it will give your hair extinction smell all day long!



Let me know if there are any more hacks that have been working for you all.

Keep smelling good and stay tuned for more about perfumes!


Life Hack 101: Layering your scent.

Hello and Welcome back everyone…

One thing that keeps a lady more attractive is the way, she smells. If you smell good people just have a good impression. according to some psychological facts people behaviour is based upon how you smell, of course this factor has as much affect as 10% but that does a lot specially if you are trying to impress someone.


Now layering scent is something I have came to know about a few years ago. it means mixing two scents to create an amazing smell. Now that’s something that creates an amazing scent but you have to be careful and know your family of scents. This has been a chart I have found on @hudabeauty and loved it.


This chart has been extremely useful to me and let me know how this works for you. Just know the perfumes you are using and layer them according to this grid. Don’t go around layering uneven scents because it would do you more bad than good. So just be sensible and smell amazing all day long!


Tell me how it works for you.

Bye Chicas.