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Laser Hair Treatment at home do’s and dont’s


So what’s one of the biggest problem us girls have to face is being hair-free. Over the years there have been many ways, created to help women attain hair-less and smooth skin and everybody wants to find a way that is painless, less time-consuming and the one that has long lasting effects. There are plenty of ways that woman have been using to get rid of hair all over their body, depending on their preference, including threading, shaving, waxing, plucking but the most innovative and brilliant idea until yet has been LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

So what is laser hair removal method?

It’s basically a technique that involves a machine producing small amount of radiation to target and kill hair follicles. This technique causes the root of hair to be destroyed and stop producing more hair, permanently. so you get rid of hair PERMANENTLY. its so much better that waxing or shaving because of how painless it is, but you certainly have to stay patient with this process going on. you will be needing 8 to 10 sessions, every month to get the full advantage of this method.

Now you can get it done professionally or buy hair removal machines that help you achieve the results you want. Both of the methods work, and I can say that because I am experiencing both. I, myself get full body laser done by a clinic and I do laser on my sister at home.

Here I have some of the do’s and dont’s I have asked and been told by the professionals and let my sister follow the same order.


Laser treatment Do’s;

  • Shower a day before the laser treatment.
  • Shave at least 2 days before getting your laser treatment so the laser can attack hair and get their follicles destroyed.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you should have some caution by applying sunscreen to prevent your skin from any rash or problems to occur.
  • Exfoliate while shaving.


Laser treatment Dont’s;

  • Never shave on the day.
  • Don’t put any form of perfumes or lotion on the body part that is going to be lasere’d.
  • You should not shower for at least 2 days so your body heals from the rays emitted through laser.
  • You should not shave for 10 days after laser, so your hair gets enough time to grow back and fall off by themselves. that’s the basic purpose of laser so you can benefit from laser overtime.
  • If you are doing laser at home, beware of not putting laser at the same spot more than 1 time.

Laser I use at home;

This is the Philips Lumea Advanced Hair Removal System, Body face. the head has 2 faces, one for body and the a smaller one for your face or bikini line. it has 5 speed ranks. you can adjust it according to what feels best. the perfect level is the one that does not hurt, so put the speed according to what’s suitable to you. You will have to put the cable while using it.

Here’s the link, so you can get yours! https://amzn.to/33Zrb6h

there is also an app available to remind and guide you through the whole laser process. I was pretty impressed with the app and whole guidelines, and a lot of youtube videos, with made it very much easier for me to work through the process.

The results have been pretty visible and I am loving it and waiting for it to work 100%, I will be reporting you guys all along and I recommend it strongly, its just that it is cost-effective but it sure is one good investment you are making in yourself.



Let’s talk Foundations.


Hello my lovely people.

And welcome back Winter! *eyeroll*, its getting severely cold here in Denmark. tell me about all of you? How are you guys dealing with the weather living in your state?

Okay so what is the most primal and critical part about makeup? any guesses.. Well it is your Foundation. it can either make up or break the look you are going for.



You need to buy a foundation that suits your skin type, skin color and have the texture and consistency your skin is comfortable with. I recommend you spending a little bit more on your foundation rather than any other product since that is what you are using the most and all over your face. and it has to sit there making direct contact with your skin.

With the growing makeup industry. almost every brand has came up with their Foundation, and as hard it makes for us to shop, we definitely have more options to choose from, regarding our skin conditions and needs.

  • You can chose the foundation that works best for you. for example if you have dry skin, go for the foundation that is available in Liquid forms and have more tendency of moisturising.
  • If you have oily skin, go for the foundation that is matte and can absorb oils from your face and help it to stay less shiny and more matte.
  • If you have acne-prone skin, try to use mineral based foundations since they will not get into your pores and help it stay less irritable, and the ones that have more SPF in them to help your skin stay protected from the harsh environment.

So there will be foundation, for all your skin tyes. You just need to look for the one thats suits you the best, and gives the most flawless finish according to your needs.


How to apply foundation perfectly;

The best way I find to apply foundation, to give a natural finish is through a Damp Beauty Blender. I find that way to be my favourite since it requires less effort and does the job perfectly. Though if you want a more high-coverege look, use a good foundation brush.

These 2 are my favourite brushes to apply seamless foundation;

these brushes are my holy grail.

Here are the Foundations I have used and still use;


Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation;

My ultimate favourite foundation till date is the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation, without any doubt, thats the foundation that gives me the full-coverage with just one layer and it has the most perfect finish. I can’t even describe how much I love that foundation. its high coverage, so I dont use it on day to day basis, I have saved it for al the events and dates with my husband, because thats when I want to feel the most comfortable and confident with my skin.

It is literally the best foundation, if you are into high coverage makeup looks. You just need to get the color that suits your skin the best and you will be ready to rock that look, after applying this foundation. this foundation will not budge until you have to remove your makeup. it is a little expensive though, so you will have to save some money before getting your hands on it.

Fenty Beauty;

this foundation really had been hyped a lot about, on the internet, and it was all true. Rihanna really did came up with the most creamiest textured foundation that sits on your skin really well. its consistency is smooth and rich and it blends in your skin exactly how you wish for a foundation to be.

tis foundation is Matty-fying so its best for the people with oily skin. But I have been using it for some time and I have a skin tone that is more towards the dry to combination  side and its been just perfectly syncing with my skin. So its worth the buy and its not even that expensive as many other, same consistency brands. It is available is all the Sephora’s.

Too faced;

this foundation has also been popularised and talked about a lot. and it is perfect for people that have dry skin, its formulae is very creamy and it has water-like properties that I am not really a big fan of, plus the packaging is not what I like foundations to have. it has a open mouthed bottle, which gets the foundation to go to waste. Although you need to apply 1 layer of foundation to get seamless foundation . it applies really good and gives you a good finish which is shiny, and it removes all the blemishes which gives it a win-win situation. I mostly use it when I have to go to events for a longer period of time, because this foundation will last you through sweat and everything. It is a little expensive but I would say its justifiable.

Dior & M.A.C;

These are one of my favourite foundations that work amazingly no matter how good or bad your skin is. these foundations won’t get you down. Dior’s consistency is very creamy anti glides really well whereas M.A.C is more thick. these foundations have medium to full coverage, which can be used on day to day basis.

Dior is expensive but if you are looking for an alternate which is also drugstore priced, M.A.C will do the magic for you. M.A.C has SPF 15 which is amazing for you skin but should not be wore for flash photography since it will look shiny during night time.


I heard a lot about this foundation before buying it. its consistency and texture is very thick and coverage-wise this foundation is light to medium. I got a shade lighter than my skin tone so I was not really impressed about how this foundation worked with my tone, but it felt really good and light on skin. it does require a little effort to blend it in fully. but the result you get is really good

Maybelline Fit Me & L’oreal;

These 2 foundations are my all-time favourite. they are cheap and can be used on everyday basis by everybody. Both these foundations gives you a flawless finish with one to two layers, depending on where you are going to use it. these foundations are good for all skin-types. there texture is creamy, they are easily blend able, and they will last you a very long time. These foundations can be bought from any drugstore and they work literal magic. whether you are starting out doing makeup or you are a pro and have to use a daily foundation, these 2 will do the trick.

Do let me know how you find these!

Till then, Take care lovelies!!!

Cera Ve products review


Hello my wonderful people;

with the rapidly growing audience and content creation on tiktok, a lot of products are getting viral and one of them has been Cera Ve skin care products, it just blew up and I’m guilty of buying them all too. among a lot of hype going around it usually is hard to know if the purchase is worth it or not. Well here I can give you my honest review of how it has been going on for me.

Cera Ve, foaming Facial Cleanser


This product has literally changes my game. after 1 week of use I could see my acne scars started to fade and overall texture had never been more smoother. another great thing is the price of this product which makes it more perfect for anyone’s everyday use even on a budget. you can check it out in the link above.

Cera Ve Moisturising Cream

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 50 ml

Another great product has been their moisturising lotion, this moisturiser has no creasing no additional oiling in its formulae making it suitable for anyone with a certain skin issue. The formula makes it a great product for anyone with acne prone or oily skin. your skin will feel so light after the use. Check out the link to get it on sale price now.

Cera Ve SA Smoothing Cream


Now this one has done wonders for many people leaving with smooth textures all over the body. It hasn’t done much for me. A lot of my friends have gotten rid of red spots on their legs and arms and it has been a life changing solution for a lot of people.

Let me know how has it been for you and if you haven’t tried it yet. now is the time Ladies!

How Pakistani girls are trained to do just as told, their entire life.


Hello my people,

So I was brought up in a middle class environment by a normal family and very loving parents. I was given everything and anything I wanted. but there was this certain pattern of training that I find myself undergoing and my siblings as well and then I see it happing very commonly among any desi families I was related to and am friends with and slowly I have realised that its the training every girl has to do undergo that all their life for example girls getting prepared to get married and live up to the standards of community.

Girls are told exactly how they should behave in order to achieve the standard of a docile environment, where their opinion is heard but not taken seriously. They would be laughed at if they come up with business ideas or wanting to pursue a serious career, because the most important thing near the parents and community is the MARRAIGE of their daughter, sister or any female related to them.

Girls are told every step of the way that their task and duty in life is to make the family happy, to make and educate their children and anything related to, being at home. Even when the girls do all of these they are still laughed at, because all they do is stay at home and take care of food, home and children and so they shouldn’t give any opinion regarding business or even the politics because how much will a woman know when she is only staying at home.

Girls are taught how to cook and clean since the childhood, which is a good manner to have, whereas in Pakistani culture I don’t see mothers teaching the same thing to their sons, they can go out with friends and stay out late whereas these rules can’t be applied to daughters because that would be just wrong, There is no certain explanation to why the girls are not given the same rights as boys, Now let me be clear, in Islam, the religion that is followed by muslims and most people living in Pakistan, Girls should be getting the same amount of respect and consideration, its the culture that has formed by the people themselves and now its corrupting the whole system.

Now as we have stepped into the 20’s, these things are becoming more outlandish and girls are stepping in and helping community and they running business successfully but even though they have every thing as a western women achieves, they have this thing inside their heads, installed and programmed since their birth, that they need to get married to become entirely successful but WHY????

I am a women and not a Feminist


Feminism is a concept of getting equal rights for women and creating equal opportunities for women to be more compatible in the society and to fight off the common belief of paying men more for the same amount of time they invest as any other women.

when it gets bad is where the feminists start to call all men trash and how they act as pig in all their matters. I am a daughter of a very generous man and I can not accept the fact that you defy all men in perspect of what some men do.

Its like people judge Islam, a whole religion based on their view of some muslims, that’s never the way to eliminate problems. Instead of fixing the issue people start to blame the masses and it just backfires because of the majority of people involved in that circle and focus on the one’s that are actually causing problems in the society.

I believe, at some point feminism is good and it is needed in this men dominated society because women need some sort of protection and should be given the right to fight for themselves.

This era has been more about supportive environment for women so they can come out and talk about how they are being used and abused in the place called home where they should be more protected but there are still so many places where the awareness hasn’t reached and women are not sure what to do about these kind of situations. the only solution to all of this is to create more educational opportunities for women and give them assurances regarding their needs.

The problem with Feminism is that, it’s being used by the women of upper class and they are using it with what they feel comfortable with making it a joke for the rest of the community of women and we need a lot of resources and way of delivering the information and awareness to women in any class to help them figure out ways and approach the problem-solving solutions.

women need to help grow bigger and better with each other, supporting them all along. that’s one of the finest ways to create a better environment that enhances the capacity of women in any area.

5 series to binge-watch right now


Hello my beautiful people, while I was away in South Africa, I managed to get some time out for myself and binge-watch as many series as I could have and so I came across some amazing stories that I haven’t been able to watch in some time, so some great recommendations coming ahead.

  1. Stranger things:

Fictional yet so amazingly performed and acted. I started off watching just for fun and the first 2 episodes kinda scared the hell out of me but I was soo hung up o the story that I kept on watching, its spooky but the story-line is just right on point. it is about a mind-controlling girl who had been tested in a secret lab, the story starts here and takes some great turns.

2. Riverdale:

If you want to re-live your high school experiences with some extra drama, this will do for you. the story takes some great turns about the crimes and monsters and drugs and some illegal activities in their town called Riverdale. The story is filed with, the kids fighting off all those crimes.

the story revolves around exception friendship and relationships, ups and downs.

3. Big Little Lies:

okay, this series has some real issues underlying, along with a good story going on. It’s about different families living in a town, with each house having their own problems and serious issues and how they deal with it all.

First season seems to be a little harsh but you eventually get a hold on it and once you are in the story, there is no way out. they have everything outstanding including cast and direction.

4. Jessica Jones:

It’s a fine story from Marvel, about a girl with super powers and abilities that make her some sort of Super but those abilities have came from her being a lab rat. the story is based on how she copes with it all and makes herself a hero out of nothing.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

if you are looking for a fun series to watch and enjoy your Saturday afternoon binge-ing, this will help you. the story is about detectives doing some fun out of all the serious situations and that is quite delightful to watch. the characters are filled with so much reality that you will just keep on watching.

How to shop High-end in South Africa


hello my people, Long time, no see!!!

So I just back from my South Africa tour and had the most relaxing time while being there and I did some great shopping. let me give you a quick guide incase you want to go and spend some extra amount of Ching-ching buying some Branded stuff.

two of the most amazing malls where you can by anything from local to international to brands are Sandton city and Hyde park.

I actually did go to Sandton city myself and did some great shopping because of the big stores, they have much more variety but I find everything to be of great price maybe due to their location but you won’t be able to buy anything the way you can at Sandton city.

they have an amazing food court with everything from Krispy Kreme to Mug & Beans, which by the way is a splendid cafe.

you can almost find anything in there and the thing that aren’t available there is like the YSL and Valentino can be found at Hyde park.

but the major shops that are available in Sandton are;

  • Adidas
  • aldo
  • Armani Jeans
  • Boss
  • Burburry
  • bvlgari
  • Calvin lien jeans
  • Cardies
  • Carrol Boyes
  • Cartier
  • Christian dior
  • Cinnabon
  • Coach
  • Zara
  • vans
  • Versace
  • Urban decay
  • ted Baker
  • The body <shop
  • Timberland
  • Tiger of Sweden
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • nike NYX
  • kappa
  • Kurt Gieger
  • Roberto Botticelli
  • H&M
  • Hagen Dazs
  • Hamleys
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Juicy Couture
  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Gant
  • Guess
  • The cross trainer
  • Lush

these were the few stores I needed to shop in and it was an amazing experience. If you go visit South Africa, you should definitely go for a shopping haul in Sandton city and if you wanna go extra then you should definitely go to Hyde park.

I’ll be coming up with more South Africa related blogs very very soon. take care till then.

Ramadan Karim


hello to all the beautiful people. So this is the month of Ramadan for all our Muslim sisters and brothers. we understand this the month where muslims fast for 1 month but what is the essence of it? Why do they do it? and what good it brings them? let me give you a quick insight of it all.

  • So Ramadan is basically the month in Islamic calendar that ensures that all muslims feel the same because God created us as one and so they can learn about the value of hunger and thirst and be grateful for what has offered to them. its a 30 day period and Muslims stops eating before the sun has risen and they can eat only after the sun has set, depending on their time and weather zones. It’s the month where the doors of heaven has been opened and the doors of hell has been closed, every good deed will be awarded as 10X more and all the prays will be heard by ALLAH.
  • By fasting we get to feel the pain of suffering of the people that don’t get to eat anytime of the day and so it creates the impact on people and motivates them to give more so that no one has to suffer from hunger and this kind of situation. Muslims give as much as they are capable of, during this month of Ramadan.
  • The basic message that Islam gives is that Every single being is equal to the other. No one is higher in ranks than the other and this month emphasis on that particularly.
  • During the fast muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything except if a women is pregnant, during travelling, menstruation or if someone is really sick.
  • The basic goal of all the muslims during this holy month is to detoxify themselves from any pride-ness, self-centred and them being full of themselves, during fast you feel down to earth and you would be able to feel and being thankful for the blessings that we are not able to appreciate during our normal life.

After the month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world celebrates Eid, where we have to pay a certain amount, depending upon our income and other factors including so that people who are less fortunate can be a part of this festival.

Every muslim men prays an Eid pray at mosque in the morning and then they come home where the females have made any kind of sweet. This is the day where everyone goes to their relatives and go out and just have fun and be thankful for everything they have from family to friends and all the blessings.

Review: The Alchemist


THE ALCHEMIST has been one of the finest pieces of writings that I have read and literally fell in love with it. I had the book for almost a year now and I just did not read it for no reason at all because maybe the time wasn’t right for me to understand the things it was suppose to convey.

Paulo Coelho is certainly one of the finest writers I have came across and I read the whole book in 2 days time, because it was so anticipating and amazing and you just want to know the end pretty bad. The book gives out major lessons that you need in your everyday life, but you need to give yourself a break to understand and really indulge into the important things the book tells you about.


The story consists of a shepherd from Spain who had a dream about finding a treasure. He was from a family where he was ought to live like his father and anyone before them, but he has decided to become Shepherd so that he can explore the world, that’s when he sees the dream, meets a king, find out about omens, true love that requires sacrifices in the middle of Egypt and coming in contact with an alchemist who teaches him a lot along the way and make him the man who has discovered himself as a different man with a lot of learnings and knowing different perspective of himself.

But does he finds the treasure, what exactly is the treasure, was he greedy in the pursuit of it? Was he able to live a life with his true love?


Here’s the link for you guys to get it on a fast delivery plus there is an audio book if that’s what you prefer.

Have you guys read it? what do you have to say about that, were you happy with the end? Lemme know about it!!

Wednesday Wellness- Hydration


Hello people, Hope every is doing great.

So today I am gonna Strat a series of Wednesday Wellness and the topic I have chosen is Hydration. yeah we have heard about it a lot of times on how important it is to keep yourself hydrated and how should we live on a healthy lifestyle by drinking enough water.

now I know that it is just as normal of a common sense to know that drinking water benefits aren’t just a myth but us, as a human are just some “amazing” lazy humans that avoid the facts and do what our heart please. Now I personally live with my sister who Is one classic Cola lover. she lives on Cola. Thats the kind of people I was talking about as the lazy one’s. Now I do realise a lot of groans about how hard it is to leave Cola for good but let’s get real.

if you want to live healthily and not suffer from bad health conditions that gives you problem at any age You need to start a better life N.O.W!!! and the most essential part is to Detox yourself and drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water everyday. try to drink water at any temperature you prefer. Avoid sugary drinks and juices. Try to stay persistent and regulate yourself accordingly.

I saw a meme few days back saying, Drink more water, you won’t have time to deal with anyone’s bullshit because you will be too busy going to the loo.

So think of that and keep yourself happy and hydrated. Cola ain’t worth it!

NARS Orgasm Blush


The link is down below if you want to get the Blush, hands on!..

NARS is one of the amazing makeup brand that has came up with the creamiest formulation of products and I just love their blushes. they are creamy, long lasting and they just do wonders.

For blushes, my taste differs from time to time. sometimes I feel like going all pink and red and there are other days where I just want a subtle touch of color to bring life to my face.

This is a kind of blush which can be used occasionally, according to the time and requirement. The formulae is build-able with a slight glitter to it which works perfectly for me since I love a great glitter on my face.

You see the glamorous pink shade of amazing-ness. That is just why I love it.

tell me your favourite blush and why you like it?!


Insanely easy to apply eyeshadows for a quick glam!


Hello my people, so Huda Beauty came up with something really exciting and I must say creative in its on way. we have seen eye-shadows coming in various kinds and types and tones but a melted eye-shadow? Its intriguing and amazing. I have used the melted shades and I can say they are wonderful and worth spending money on if you are a working woman who likes to be glammed quickly and for someone who isn’t really good at make-up these shadows just get onto your lids so effortlessly that you don’t really have to be a pro in order to apply them.

Huda Beauty have came with a set of different shades, all of them have amazing formulae and the texture is just right on point for a daily or glammed look. These shades are pretty and have he right amount go glitter to pop your eyes, just the right amount.

The one I bought is Pink Champagne and Bubble Bath, its a nude brown color, perfect for your crease and a golden glitter color suitable enough to make you the golden goddess.

Here is a swatch;

these shadows DO NOT budge. they are sweat proof and thy won’t get ruined even if you rub your eyes.

The only problem I have seen so far is the consistency of the glitter shadows are a little too thick and if you don’t take care of them well, the applicator tend to get ruined.

but except that, I totally love the concept of melted eye-shadows and these one’s from HudaBeauty does the job really well.

Click on the shades to get yours now, and let me know how you like these.

Huda Beauty Nude Palette


hello my wonderful beings. I have had the Nude Palette since the launch but I can not just review a product, sing it once or twice. I have used it since then and now I can easily talk about what I feel about the colours and pigments and how they wear in a daily use.

So yet again, Huda beauty has came up with one really promising and a great palette that have a combination of nudes and shimmers and pinks. The colours blend in really well and all the transitioning shades are just right on point. The palette consists of 18 colours that work wonders.

This palette has 11 mattes, 5 exotic shimmers and 2 glitters to fill your need of any day look. Here are some swatches from the palette.

The colours goes very well for all skin types. For the glitters in the palette, EXCITE & INFATUATED ,they can’t be applied really well with a brush due to their consistency and texture. They are real glitter shades inside the palette, you should apply the shadows with either your bare fingers or by applying glue under-neath, for them to stay on easily and for longer.

My favourites in the palette will be the 5 creamy shimmers. CRAVE, FANTASY, DAY DREAM, KINKY AND CHARMED, they apply so well with fingers and they are metallic and just right on point to apply on the lid to create a great look. These work so well for the inner corners as well to bring an amazing pop of color. CRAVE works really well for your eye-brow highlight just to be a little EXTRA.

here’s the link for you to get yours now!


These colours are really well for anytime’s look you want to go for. Do let me know what you guys think about it and how the palette has been treating you.

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Bye Lovlies.

My workout play list this week.


So I have finally got back to my senses and started to workout again. After 1 to 2 months of not eating clean and not going to gym, the realisation has hit me that its about time I start gearing my game up.

Now we all know that the first thing you need to workout is the motivation and it also comes from the music, The most amazing thing about working out also includes the music I get to explore alongside.

Here is a list of songs that will go along for 40 to 45 minutes of training and they will give you motivation enough to sweat away all the stress forgetting everything but your dedication and your music.

  • Sweet but psycho- Ava Max
  • Con Calma- Daddy Yankee & Snow
  • High hopes- Panic! At the Disco
  • Sucker- Jonas Brothers
  • Toothbrush- DNCE
  • Familiar- Liam Payne & J Balvin
  • young Blood- 5 seconds of summer
  • Elefante- El Tiger ft. Neha
  • Bum Bum Tum Tum- MC Fioti
  • Cake by the ocean- DNCE
  • 7 Rings- Ariana Grande
  • Mi Cama- Karol G
  • Break-up with your girlfriend- Ariana Grande
  • Dinero- J.lo ft. Khalid

Good luck my guys and girls, have a blast and workout like never before so you can enjoy and treat yourself later.

Happy women’s day


HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY to all the women out there striving for better lives, working on their career, getting themselves up where they want to be and loving themselves and each other to help create a better society and world.

Women olay an integral role in a society whether it’s a working woman or a housewife.

Learn to respect them and ladies respect each other, inspire each other and live above all the doubts.

Is Dr Jart+ worth spending money on?


Dr Jart+ is one known skincare brand that is known to be really good and work pretty well on most skins types. they have came up with a lot of cleansers, moisturisers and sleeping mask along with some masks. They are all used for different skin conditions and needs.

My skin type is a combination skin and I used this Cleanser for a week and what I have seeing for a week is that my skin is getting a lot more patchy and drying. I have been seeing dry skin dots with patches of dryness. my T-Zone is really un-moisturized and I feel like if I keep using it my skin will start flaking off.

I have used it along moisturisers and masks and I used to put after-wards but it still did not do anything for me. I believe that if you have really oily skin tone this moisturiser will totally do wonders for you.

So I am back at my old Murad’s cleanser because that really helps and goes amazingly with my skin. I apply moisturiser and argon oil every night before bed to let your skin rejuvenate and stay healthy all the way.

I will be writing about my skin care very soon.

Going Vegan for 1 week?!


okayyy.. So its going to be one of the biggest decisions I am taking these days regarding my health and diet.

I was just reading about being Vegan and how it beneficial for us and that its scientifically proven that people who lives a vegan life lived 6.1 year more than meat-eaters. I was like WOW!

I never took it much seriously on how badly we are affecting our bodies just by eating meat and unhealthy, so I am going ti give it a go, just to see how it works and how healthy does it make me feel.

Now its coming from a person that lives with a family that loves chicken, meat, beef, turkey and fishes and even myself, I have one of these food groups at least one time, every day.

So I just want to see how addictive am I to the non-vegetarian foods. being vegan promises to make you feel much lighter and healthier but you have to take a closer look on maintaining your micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients so I am going to plan my diet and share it with you guys very very soon.

Do let me know if you have trued being vegan and what you liked and did not liked about it.

See you soon loves!

Marriages in South-Asian parts of the world


Hello my wonderful people.

So marriage is something that bonds two people together and everything ties along, their future, their time, children and everything comes along when you get married. it requires a lot of understanding and good friendship because you need to be able to share your vulnerabilities and stress with each other.

Now if you are from south-asian part of the world, marriage is totally another thing from all that. marriage here means two families bonding together due to the fact that parents find the groom or bride for you. Of course the guy had a say in it but generally girls aren’t asked enough and they are not made up to be able to take actions for themselves, so they just go along with what their parents have decided and see for themselves what it bought for them as the time progresses. Now it’s a beautiful process of how it all gets celebrated and the laughs and joy is definitely amazing because of the involvement of so many people.

In this whole process of finalising marriage guy and a girl is given a chance to get to know each other and can talk and meet formally but you certainly are able to know that person better after the marriage because of course you are living with him or her. All that time period is extremely over-whelming for both parties but luckily now we have cell phones an WhatsApp and a lot of other means to connect so it has became much better for the guy and a girl to know each other so that helps a little bit.

Now after marriage girls live in a new family with couple of strangers, there could be a separate house given, but generally the girls after marriage live in the joint family, she has never visited or been with before and the most staggering part is living with your, now husband. Reality starts from that moment and the first 2 months inn your are still learning because every house has different ways of functioning so the girl learns from others of how its been done now with all of this the most essential relationship you have to work with is your husband.

You will be needed the support and love from him to work with his family. you both need to create and maintain a strong bond that helps them both stand up straight and together through thick and thin.

I feel really bad for the guy because the heaviest responsibility falls on his shoulders to being fair with both his Mother and Wife and that too could be easy for him if the wife supports him and don’t talk bad and about everything that happens during the day. Create a much peaceful environment for him and herself too, and build a bond.

Girl has the rest of the day with the in-laws so she does not have any other option than to bond with the people she resides with now and that too is healthy to live peacefully to get to know people and their needs. it also goes both-ways, with mutual Respect and Friendship that could be achieved too.

I will be talking about it more and some self-health stuff in my next Blog, stay tuned and let me know about the marriage culture according to where you are residing.

Till then take care and get your head highs the crown doesn’t fall.

DIY Hair Mask


Everybody wants beautiful hair and maintaining quality hair isn’t one of the easiest things to do along with all the styling we have to do and all the busy schedules we have.

in this busy life you should be able to spend some time, taking care of the hair for them to look amazing and shiny and voluminous.

There is one DIY mask, told by my hairdresser I have tried and tested and it does work wonders. Here are few ingredients you need, available at your disposal;

  1. 1 avocado
  2. 1 Banana
  3. 3 tablespoon Olive oil
  4. 1 egg
  5. Half Lemon
  6. 1 tablespoon Honey

Blend all these ingredients together and apply them to your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes. wash it off with good shampoo and some conditioner that smells good because the egg does leave a little smell behind but if you wash it off good, you won’t even notice it. Apply this mask 2 times a week, every week to let your hair stay smooth and silky and not let them go over drying or over oily.

Happy Valentine’s day my people.


Newly-wed has its own charms on the valentine’s day. Its our second year together and both of us aren’t so big into celebrating it, we celebrated it mildly. I had a surprise chocolate and a perfume waiting for him when he came home and he came home with the biggest bucket of flowers, possible to carry.

I prepared us a fine dinner for two with napkins and forks and platters and wine glasses with his favorite spaghetti bolognese and some quesadillas and cakes.

And that was all we did.😉

How did your Valentine’s day went by? Do let me know in the comments below!

Hair Care


Hair problem is something that all of us face at some stage starting from our early teens. as the hormones start to change your body requirements change and so are the nurturing and caring of each parts of the body.

As a Middle East girl, our mothers love oiling our hair since the childhood. my mother used to oil my hair as long as I remember but since I have been married and thing have started to fall upon my very own shoulders I have been slacking off because of the fact that there is nobody right here to tell me to bring oil and sit infront of her to get the most relaxing massage and let the oil sit in my head for at least 2 days that were mostly weekends.

So I got married a year ago, WOW, it really had been a year!!! Well, I have had been styling my hair a lot, almost every other day its blow drying, straightening and curling my hair, almost on daily basis and after 5 to 6 months I had been seeing some really bad results from all that styling and thats an eye opener to get on with all the hair care stuff.

I have started to oil my hair more often, at least as much as I could and get a lot of conditioning through anyway possible. But doing so made my hair become oily faster and I would be needed to wash my hair after evert second day, which just causes more dryness.

This was my Hair 2 years ago.

My hair started to fall out more and the worst part is Split Ends. I had never experienced split ends before until the very age of 21. this was new and extremely scary. I started to get frequent hair cuts to get rid of those dead hair. what scared me the most was the fact that when I googled about split ends, it said that if you leave the dead hair and dont get them cut it will reach the root of the hair and kill it permanently. So try to take care of your hair before it reaches that stage where you have to get the length shorter, because then that’s the last option.

You should get frequent haircuts just to trim away the ends anyway. so make it very 5th month.

The best option is to oil you hair and let the oil sit for at least one night. wash it off and put a minor amount of oil again to maintain the shine and to secure them. The oil that I have been using since childhood has been Mustard oil and it works a 100%. I do that every time without a singe doubt of it working,

But sometimes I mixed it up with a little proportion of coconut, olive and castor oil and let it sit before going to shower. and I do get my hair Cut more often. if you have good hair growth than that shouldn’t be a problem but if you want to keep the length, get your hair some thinning. you can do it at home too. I will be uploading a video very soon to show you guys how it can be done all by yourself.

Things that I gave been buying while showering has been as follows;

I use one of each every time I shower. the conditioners have been doing wonders to my hair, leaving them shiny and silky and the hair mask on the right had been my saviour. you just need to shampoo your hair and when you are done, get rid of extra water in your hair and put the hair mask on your hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 min and then wash it off. it had been amazing but I am not sure if these brands are easily available all over. ut that not a problem, just buy any hair mask and conditioners that have high levels of keratin to protect the damage done to your hair from all the styling and blow-drying.

I will be talking about more hair masks you can DIY at home from all the things easily available at home in my next blog, so stay tuned and let me know what products have you been using.

My Current Obsession: KAYALI


We have heard about the hype that is Kayali. It’s so worth spending each penny on. I personally have loved them and it’s just right where the scent should be. the perfumes are heavy and lat longer than most perfumes.

They do cost a bit more than normal perfumes but what’s better than smelling like a goddess all day long. My personal favourite are Elixir and Musk. they all are filled with exact notes of each scent according to the table I have mentioned in my previous blog. Each perfume is rich and the scents are intoxicating, that you would want to just get lost in the scent.

Try em on let me know what you think about them!

Take care my fantabulous people.

Ultimate Perfumes that are just so good!


Perfumes are one thing that I am so obsessed with. Good perfumes are something that attract me big time and people that have some amazing smell, just take me inn and I instantly like them. I am gonna talk about some of my favourite perfumes and how much I like them and why.

Now everybody wants to smell really good, depending their style and liking. if you read my previous blog about the scent chart and how and which family of scents should you consider in order to feel great about you, you would have an idea about the perfumes that you like. here are few of the perfumes that I totally love and I will be telling you guys about what I think of them. I will be talking about from girly to lady-like perfumes.

Here are some of my Personal Favourites;


Bvalgari perfumes have that Citrus and Vanilla scent to it because its enriched with the notes of fresh, rich and gourmand smell to it. I personally love these for special events and they do last quite a longer time but it surely does enquire a touch up after 3 to 4 hours.


I LOVE FLORAL PERFUMES. A floral perfume will always be my favourite no matter what. I would chose them over everything and this perfume being one of them I loved these. GUCCI Floral has a strong jasmine yet sweet smell to it, making it sexy yet very fresh.

Miss Dior

We all have heard about the hype that is Christian Dior, and it always gets right on everyone’s expectations. its totally worth the price. I literally went to my table to smell it and I can surely say that it has an Oud scent to it which is deep, heavy, woody and sophisticated. it surely is one of a lady-like perfumes that can be used anytime, anywhere. I am involve with almost every perfume that Dior has introduced. but they all have some sort of difference excluding the heavy oud scent.


As the name suggests the scent has notes of Wood. It has the notes of sandalwood, earthy and a warm feel to it. it is a little heavy and could be high depended on choice of a specific person.


MARC JACOBS- DAISY DREAM: Its one of the perfumes that you use of specific occasions, I don’t know if you can understand that but it has a strong mind-your-own-business kinda scent to it which can be used on your moody days. the smell is a mixture of Citrus and Musk which means it has the orangey lime and a unique animalic tone to its scent.

DOLCE & GABBANA- DOLCE: this perfume also belongs to the family of Citrus due to its components of Fresh, bright and limey fragrance to it. the fresh component bring this perfume to my liking as it could be used more often. but I wouldn’t prefer it daily.

MIU MIU: this is one of my favourite perfumes because of it being fruity. the juicy and playful scent is what I really like about this perfume.

VERSACE- BRIGHT CRYSTAL: One of a really amazing perfume because of it giving the Berries, juicy and a high playful tone to it. Its really one of the cool yet sexy perfumes that I love. It’s long-lasting and worth paying for.

HUGO BOSS: This perfume has the Vanilla-ish Oud. Its heavy yet has the cool tone. its quite sophisticated and lady-like. Its just not quite long-lasting and that I can not be fine with because the size is quite big and can’t be easily carried around.

Here are some of the more Women kind of perfumes;


Juicy Couture produces more women-like perfumes that are long lasting and strong and heavy. These perfumes have a musk tone to it that is very aromatic. they sit heavy on skin and gives you amazing feel for a longer period of time.


One of the very intense and strong perfumes are right here. These 2 perfumes are the most strong perfumes I have owned. The Musk scent to it which has warm, airy, earthy and warm scent making them highly intoxicating. they are great but the scent is very unique which I believe can’t be liked by most people. It depends on taste from person to person. or should I say lady to lady.

Here are some of the perfumes that I have had been using. let me know about your favourite perfumes and what you like in them.

Laters guys!

Life Hack 102: How to let your scent stay on for long.


Heya my people!!!

Let’s talk body odour. Everybody has an extinct odour and everybody likes to smell fresh and exotic all day long.


Scents also have its own way of commencing with the body from person to person. You should always give some time to see how a fragrance stays on you. Does it change its scent? Does it stay fresh all day from applying and re-applying? How long does it last? All these questions are important to understand in order to configure the right fragrance for yourself.


  • Now the first rule to a feeling utterly great is to moisturise your skin before applying the perfume. Scent gets locked in the moisturised skin and stays on for some more time than non moisturised skin.
  • After you are done showering and moisturising yourself, thats the best time to apply the perfume.
  • Always target your pulse points. perfumes will stay on towards the nerves of your body.
  • The most common points are; Wrists, back off the ear, back of your knee, and the malleolus.


  • If you apply vaseline to these points and spray your perfume on. it surely is going to stay on for longer period of time.
  • Keep applying the perfume all day long after 3 to 4 hours, depending on your body’s need.
  • One of the hacks I personally use is to apply the perfume over my hairbrush and then comb your hair. it will give your hair extinction smell all day long!



Let me know if there are any more hacks that have been working for you all.

Keep smelling good and stay tuned for more about perfumes!

Life Hack 101: Layering your scent.


Hello and Welcome back everyone…

One thing that keeps a lady more attractive is the way, she smells. If you smell good people just have a good impression. according to some psychological facts people behaviour is based upon how you smell, of course this factor has as much affect as 10% but that does a lot specially if you are trying to impress someone.


Now layering scent is something I have came to know about a few years ago. it means mixing two scents to create an amazing smell. Now that’s something that creates an amazing scent but you have to be careful and know your family of scents. This has been a chart I have found on @hudabeauty and loved it.


This chart has been extremely useful to me and let me know how this works for you. Just know the perfumes you are using and layer them according to this grid. Don’t go around layering uneven scents because it would do you more bad than good. So just be sensible and smell amazing all day long!


Tell me how it works for you.

Bye Chicas.

Brunch Spots in Denmark!


One thing that I absolutely love to do is to EAT!


Literally it could be the only thing that I enjoy doing and since I’ve been to Denmark which have been a year old I have been to a number of places. Some places are good, some are better than good. Trying out new Foods and places is one of my favourite hobbies to do(no jokes). But I guess as long as anything involves food is in my favourite list. Saying this repeating-ly is just to emphasise the fact how much I love it!!!

Let’s talk about some good places I have been and recommend fully.

  • So because of my love for food I am gonna do a series of the famous food spots and tell you guys about my experience. So I am gonna start with:

The Brunch Spots


#1: Cafe Norden:

Cafe Norden is one of the finest places to be at. It located on the main centre of Copenhagen, it’s on Walking street and it is without any doubt always filled with people who are there for shopping or just strolls and all kind of tourists. The decor and Food is good at Cafe Norden but according to the prices I would say that the place is a bit over-priced and over-rated.

They have all kind of foods you would want during the brunch time from pancakes to sandwiches to salads and burgers and basically anything you would want. But if you want to feel extra fancy you must go there and try it, I would think that with the prices they offer, you can go to some different place and get good food. One thing with there price is a fair amount, the quantity of their food will satisfy you fully!


#2: Cafe Øst:

Cafe Øst is an amazing brunch spot. The owners from that place are Moroccan and they have decorated the place to give a little touch from their culture. the food their is just amazing. They offer smaller portion but more options per menu. The food their is delicious and amazing and one of my favourites.

their pricing is also very fair and its a great place for friends get to-gether. the environment is warm and friendly. it isn’t one of the fanciest places and the staff usually consists of 2 to 3 members but you wouldn’t feel that to be a problem because they perform their job pretty well.

Screenshot_20190130-233909_Instagram    Snapchat-1859489222

#3: Cafe Phoenix:

It os one really cozy place that offers a brunch buffet. It’s really good if you can’t decide on what to chose. you can just munch upon everything in a smaller quantity. they have good variety of almost everything you would like for breakfast and brunch time including eggs, sausages, Fresh bread, cold Turkey slices, some fried stuff that you would crave, pancakes, fresh fruit etc.

it has reasonable prices per person and the environment is really great for shorter amount of times.


#4: Wulff og Konstali:

It’s a really busy spot and that would be because of the over-hyped reason due to a lot of young students. When we went there it was almost full but the food really didn’t impressed us. The food was extremely small, in portion and the price was fairly high regarding the amount of food they provided.


#5: Dalle Valle:

Dalle Valle is one of an amazing places to be at for a Brunch and dessert. they have fresh brunch buffet . their brunch is pretty fresh all the time and they have more variety than Cage Pheonix, I believe. the taste is good and the pricing is fair just don’t order extra’s including juices or anything excluding the buffet because they do cost more. so stray away from extra’s and you are good to go.


#6: Cafe Pilos:

I personally have really liked this place. Its really small and cozy. it can hardly have 20 people in it which makes it very inclusive. I had seen families going there for a brunch. mothers with their infants, friends, and couples coming there and having a great time in there. there menu is small yet the food is filling and delicious. there serving style is really modest and inspiring.

These are the places I have been to and here are my reviews about them. Do let me know what Brunch spots are great , where you are residing.

I will see you all soon in the next series very soon.

See Ya!

The Best Nude glosses for y’all.


       Nudes are trendy, high in fashion and loved by majority. Isn’t!!!


Oh okay, wait before you get to think about something, anything else let me clear your mind by telling you all, that I am talking about Nude makeup trend that is loved by majority of females from any career, field or age.

Yeah, Right!

Of course nothing beats the red bold lips but Nude gives the clean, confident in your skin type of look, which is talked by almost all beauty gurus all over internet and Youtube. and they are popularised for a reason as they give a natural makeup look more sophisticated.


Now I know a lot of females, including my mom thinks that Nude is not something anyone needs as they are more likely to just match your tone and mean nothing, but that’s something to do with their age and generation.


Every female needs a Nude color in their makeup bags. Here are few reasons why;

  • Its classy and Trendy,
  • You can use it on days you don’t wanna go full glam.
  • You can wear it on days you wanna go full glam, because with black Smokey eyes, nude lips go perfectly without over doing it.
  • it gives the gradient effect of natural yet there is something that people see and gives them a beautiful effect of you.

Some pretty nudes I have and they are recommended and approved.


Here are some Swatches;


I don’t take any of that as a joke,

These are some of my favourite NYX Nudes, for me nudes are MY color. they go with all my moods and days.

Anastasia also have a wide variety of nudes that I adore very much but the only problem is that they don’t last very long but the shades are pretty and I wear them non-the-less.


This New Fenty Beauty lip gloss is my new absolute favourite. It’s my current obsession and I wear it over all my shades. It does look pretty without any other colour but wearing it over any lip colour is just beautiful, it has right amount of glitter and gloss that looks and wears just perfectly. It has a sticky consistency and it smells divine.

The one’s I have mentioned here are:

For real Nudes your best options are;

MEDORA: Iced Coffee
NYX: Tres Leches
NYX: Athens
NYX: Stockholm
NYX: Abu Dhabi
MAYBELLINE: Seductress
KAT VON D: Bow N Arrow
M.A.C: Kinda Sexy AB3

For the peachy pink Nude look;

KAT VON D: Ophelia
LIQUID Rebel Rose

For a clean Glossy look;

GOSH Volume lip shine gloss
Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb

What are your favourite nudes and why? lemme know in the comment section below why you love or hate Nudes?!

Till then Bye my Beautiful’s!


My top 5 Series to Binge-watch now.


Sup my pretty people!!!

Hope you are all doing just as amazing as you all are, and sooooo holiday season has approached us and let’s just take a moment to relax and sit back and binge-watch all the series we have been putting on hold while being busy all through this year.


My best part about Holidays are the fact that I can just Eat and binge watch anything and everything. Here I give the best Series to munch on your favourite snack all day in and out.



  1. The Vampire diaries;



It always gonna be my Number#1. I had seen and re-seen all the episodes and completely fell involve with all the mythical creatures and stories about Vampires, Werewolves, witches and almost any other creature they could’ve involved in the series. The story revolves around a small town that gets unwanted appearance from Vampires. The story gets intertwined between Witches and old dark secrets from the past, getting Humans to be a part of their revenge and love. TVD is available On Netflix, and HBO.



TVD is a romantic, thriller, fantasy and Sci-fi.

2. Games of Throne;

Games of throne is one of the most hyped series and it is a finely created story with a political touch, since the story about kingdoms after the highest throne, it involves just the right amount of action and thriller. Once you are in the story you can not miss even a single episode, it’s enticingly just perplexing.



It has action, thriller, romance, drama, horror, Fantasy, adventure and Action-fiction.

3. 13 Reasons Why;

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original that came back, in 2017. the series addresses unique issue that teenagers face these days i.e bullying, raping and suicide. Hannah baker is an everyday student who deals with all these issues and ends up killling herself. the series tell how Bullying someone can effects anyone’s mental and physical being. it is a little traumatic so get your tissues and handkerchief nearby, while watching it. it also comes with the warning because it contains some strong graphic content which is not for everyone.



Psychological Thriller, Tragedy.

4. Arrow;


Arrow is the light headed fun series to watch and relax. its about a billionaire who went out on an adventure with his father and in an accident got stuck on an island for many years and he got trained on that island. when he came back to his old life, he was the person he was before. this time he had a plan to fight crimes and make the state he lives in, a much better place. this journey comes with a lot of fights and challenges which are fun to watch. the series unfold a lot of secrets with time. Its available on HBO and you can watch it in internet.


Action, Drama, Adventure; Sci-Fi, Super hero, Mystery, Crime Fiction.

5. Beauty and the Beast;


its located in the New York City. The series revolves around a guy who undergoes a medical experiment which turns him into a super-human, with all the inhuman things. he decides to stay in hiding until a female investigator finds him and falls involve with him. its a rollercoaster of emotions and drama on how they undergo their relationship with secret they both have.


Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Suspense and Police procedural.


Tell me about what you guys have been watching and how you find the one’s I have mentioned above!


Mario Badescu! A pass or waste of money?


Hello to every amazing person reading this. I am going to talk about another skincare product, since everyone has some skin issues and every one continuously looking for products that can provide the best results and clear skin that everyone dreamt of.

Mario Badescu is one brand really hyped up for providing the fine skin results in minimum amount of time and leave your skin feeling splendid and all tv-like.IMG_20181206_131047_655.jpgI saw it while I was in England and I got really excited because of all the things said about the brand and I was extremely excited about using both the products. But in all honesty I am not satisfied with results at all. The DRYING LOTION is suppose to work overnight by drying out your pimples and giving them less appearance for the next day and the facial spray is just to give you a flawless sprit of all the good ingredients that it has to offer.200w.gif

Mario Badescu: Dryi


ng Lotion;

I am not happy with the results of this product. it really did not work for me as the bottle and a lot of reviews say, it does! my outbreak was just the same after using it one night. so I decided to give it a go another day. but the results did not vary. it sits on the face and leave white spots after applying, changing itself into a powdery form.it costed me 175dkk, and I actually regret buying it!d

Facial Spray;

This facial spray smells really great and it also works really good as makeup prep and setting spray. But buying it only to get a balanced skin tone or just for your face is actually a waste. At least for me it is. it did not do anything specific and I didn’t not found any change in my skin, good or bad. so as there are not any specific cons in buying that spray you can always get a better on



will be writing about the best spays you can get to help your skin rejevunate and so you could see a much better difference


Tell me have you used these products and how did they work for you?!….till then Take care, and see you all in the next post !!!!!


The perfect Body Scrub for you


And Hello to all my extremely beautiful people.


  • Want the best scrub that works for your skin in all the weather conditions and do wonders for you?


  • Are you tired of not achieving the smooth skin after shaving and its getting on your nerves?


  • Is your dead skin, flaking off? irritating you endless?

EXFOLIATION is the key here. you have to get rid of all the dirt that accumulates on your skin everyday. it makes the skin healthier and much smoother. But choosing the right product is also very important. you have to be gentle to your skin and stay patient with it. 

Well your girl, right here, has got the best solution for all your skin problems with only one bottle that will help you go through all these seasons and you will feel comfortable in your own skin.

Here is the miracle worker;


This bottle right here is the answer to all your problems.

The packaging is great, price is affordable and it smells, just divine.

I’ve been using this Rituals, rejuvenating pink salt scrub for almost a month and I have been seeing a great difference in my skin, since then. you just have to stand in a shower for a little while and then take small amounts of this scrub and start scrubbing. you just have to move your hand in alternate motions and the scrub will do the rest.

You are supposed to exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week, but it mostly just depends on which skin-type you are.

you should although definitely scrub before shaving. it will give a much smoother finish since you are taking the dead skin layer on top. so it will give you a fine result and you will also get rid of ingrown hair. It also gets rid of your strawberry legs.

After getting out of the shower you will be all like;


I have used another Body scrub and it was also one of the good one’s since it feels and smells so natural.

20181120_152929 This scrub was amazing, but what I didn’t understand is why purchase something while you can just DIY it at home.


To DIY this scrub you just have to follow the following steps and get a body scrub from all the ingredients in your reach.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coffee
  • argon oil or any essential oil you have at home

just mix all these ingredients and srub your body away and rock the days like a queen you are.


Them diets


Hi to all the wonderful people out there. Hopefully you are all doing fantabulous. today I will be talking about just about every possible diet introduced to humanity. It’s just a hobby that helps me keep the weight off and look and feel much better.

So all ya all, just get ready to dive into a long journey of how it all started and what I have been doing for almost 5 years.

It all started Three years ago when I got engaged and I got introduced to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, mostly because of my upcoming wedding I had to look good for, and I am very glad it happened because before that I actually never cared about or gave any thought to my looks or any possible health issues I might have had, well luckily there were not any. I didn’t mostly cared about it because I am one confident being and plus my height kind of filled that all, so I didn’t give a fat impression, but sure as Chubby.

But what happened was that I had to lose weight within 15 days for my engagement and everyone kept telling me how the pictures will stay there forever and I had to get myself together. what I started with, wasn’t the right option but it actually kick-started my whole system and lured me into living my life healthy.

  1. Crash Diet;

So yeah this was the first diet I tried because I got worried and that was the only solution I had left, I knew it wasn’t the best ways to lose weight and that you gain all the weight back on but because I became desperate in that time so I was willing to do whatever it takes. I wanted results and no matter how it will end I knew it was only solution.

I drank 4 to 5 litres of water everyday and only had one Fruit or vegetable, 3 times a day and that too excluding potatoes and bananas. This diet ensured that I loose 1 kg per day, and I did. I didn’t think about joining the gym that time but I knew I needed to lose that water weight so I had to do some sort of workout, I downloaded some HIIT cardio workouts for 30 to 40 minutes and I just danced around for like an hour, everyday.

well all of it did worked and did lost 8 kgs in 10 days, I was beyond happy because I have never experienced that before.



okay, so I did got engaged and for the 10 days I did not eat anything at all and when I went back to South Africa, I ate a lot more than I usually ate, resulting in getting all the weight back on plus some extra pounds, which after a certain point got me so scared and I had to think about different ways to get me back on track.

So no, Crash diets are not any good way to lose your weight unless its necessary and you promise yourself to keep your self uptight.

2. Cabbage Soup diet;

After the whole crash diet fatigue I was once again ready to get on the healthy lifestyle train. I searched a lot and came across this Cabbage diet among many others, available on the internet. This diet consists of you just having this soup twice a day with some vegetable if you want.

this diet almost did nothing for me and I got bored with it real quick, the soup didn’t even tasted worth letting it on, maybe if you know how to make healthy soup delicious, then you might get successful with this.

3. Military Diet;

After the Soup diet failed me, I got to know Military diet. This diet allows you to consume certain meals according to their time period. This diet promises you to lose 3 to 4 kg of body weight within 3 days, if you eat and follow exactly what they have given. you can follow this diet for 3 days and then eat whatever you want for the rest of the week.

This Diet does work and you will be able to see results real quick and I really liked this method because I like to follow certain given rules, make sit a lot much easier. But the only problem with this diet was that you can binge eat all the fat you have lost in those 4 days, at least I did. but if you are persistent, you can definitely try this diet and it will do wonders for you.

4. I finally started gyming;

This I would say has been the best decision of my life so far, it literally makes me so happy to talk about this. I know mostly for people gyming or working out is the biggest issue but have you tried “Group Training Programme”?

If No, then you really should because being in the group training programme is a lot more fun then doing it alone in the gym. I am so glad that  I got to know this group training bootcamp. They had variety of workouts throughout the week. I honestly, fell involve with exercising. I loved how I could feel the blood rushing through my body and I had so much control over my body. screenshot_20181114-113652_samsung-notesI got introduced to so many workouts. At G’s Boot camp, they had the mixture of Cardio, Kickboxing, Zumba, Steps and so much more blog with the qualified and the most friendly instructors ever.

I was lucky tat it was really close to my house, but honestly if I would’ve started it and it was anywhere else, I would still go there, no matter what. There is timing and sessions for different classes at G’s Boot camp, and me being addicted to it, I usually took 2 or even 3 session one after another everyday because I enjoyed it and loved every second of being there. screenshot_20181114-113710_samsung-notes

The head Trainer Gusmari, had that charisma and attitude that makes you feel enthusiastic and love what you do. You hate her first but trust me what she does is amazing, and you will be thanking her once you are done, because it is all worth it. There were mostly females there in all ages, sizes, shapes and weights and everybody had smiles and friendliness happening around, it was the positivity of that place that really attracted me. screenshot_20181114-113106_photos

I suggest you join a group training facility if you find it hard to stay motivated and don’t want to join the gym. I have been very sad since I’ve been to Europe I haven’t found a good group training facility and I do still train but it’s just not fun, I will tell you guys all about it in another blog.

5. I thought gyming will do the magic and I don’t have to get on a diet or do anything;

Mostly people think that if they have started workout and do cardio for 2 hours, they will get the body they desire. but the fact is that its 70% of your diet and 30% of workout that have impact on your overall body. that shook me and then I knew that I have to careful and considerate about what I put inside my body to attain what I want on the outside. so you unfortunately have to cutout all the carbs and sweets cravings out to maintain and achieve your body goals.

6. I got back to senses and did the right thing FINALLY;

This was when I have tried a lot and figured out how to do the right thing without just going after my required results.

you need to make a sustainable gaol, which is loosing 1 kg of fat within 15 days and you will end up losing 2 by the end of the month. that’s how you can lose weight, gain muscle and get more energy in your body. eating healthy and working out goes hand in hand and they both work simultaneously.

That’s how you can lose weight and keep it off for as long as you want. yes.gif

Verdict; PERSISTENCY is the key. its something you need the most whenever you are trying to achieve something including getting your body of dreams.

Stay persistent and keep pushing!!!

Bye my Chicas…