Cera Ve products review

Hello my wonderful people;

with the rapidly growing audience and content creation on tiktok, a lot of products are getting viral and one of them has been Cera Ve skin care products, it just blew up and I’m guilty of buying them all too. among a lot of hype going around it usually is hard to know if the purchase is worth it or not. Well here I can give you my honest review of how it has been going on for me.

Cera Ve, foaming Facial Cleanser


This product has literally changes my game. after 1 week of use I could see my acne scars started to fade and overall texture had never been more smoother. another great thing is the price of this product which makes it more perfect for anyone’s everyday use even on a budget. you can check it out in the link above.

Cera Ve Moisturising Cream

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 50 ml

Another great product has been their moisturising lotion, this moisturiser has no creasing no additional oiling in its formulae making it suitable for anyone with a certain skin issue. The formula makes it a great product for anyone with acne prone or oily skin. your skin will feel so light after the use. Check out the link to get it on sale price now.

Cera Ve SA Smoothing Cream


Now this one has done wonders for many people leaving with smooth textures all over the body. It hasn’t done much for me. A lot of my friends have gotten rid of red spots on their legs and arms and it has been a life changing solution for a lot of people.

Let me know how has it been for you and if you haven’t tried it yet. now is the time Ladies!

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