I am a women and not a Feminist

Feminism is a concept of getting equal rights for women and creating equal opportunities for women to be more compatible in the society and to fight off the common belief of paying men more for the same amount of time they invest as any other women.

when it gets bad is where the feminists start to call all men trash and how they act as pig in all their matters. I am a daughter of a very generous man and I can not accept the fact that you defy all men in perspect of what some men do.

Its like people judge Islam, a whole religion based on their view of some muslims, that’s never the way to eliminate problems. Instead of fixing the issue people start to blame the masses and it just backfires because of the majority of people involved in that circle and focus on the one’s that are actually causing problems in the society.

I believe, at some point feminism is good and it is needed in this men dominated society because women need some sort of protection and should be given the right to fight for themselves.

This era has been more about supportive environment for women so they can come out and talk about how they are being used and abused in the place called home where they should be more protected but there are still so many places where the awareness hasn’t reached and women are not sure what to do about these kind of situations. the only solution to all of this is to create more educational opportunities for women and give them assurances regarding their needs.

The problem with Feminism is that, it’s being used by the women of upper class and they are using it with what they feel comfortable with making it a joke for the rest of the community of women and we need a lot of resources and way of delivering the information and awareness to women in any class to help them figure out ways and approach the problem-solving solutions.

women need to help grow bigger and better with each other, supporting them all along. that’s one of the finest ways to create a better environment that enhances the capacity of women in any area.

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