5 series to binge-watch right now

Hello my beautiful people, while I was away in South Africa, I managed to get some time out for myself and binge-watch as many series as I could have and so I came across some amazing stories that I haven’t been able to watch in some time, so some great recommendations coming ahead.

  1. Stranger things:

Fictional yet so amazingly performed and acted. I started off watching just for fun and the first 2 episodes kinda scared the hell out of me but I was soo hung up o the story that I kept on watching, its spooky but the story-line is just right on point. it is about a mind-controlling girl who had been tested in a secret lab, the story starts here and takes some great turns.

2. Riverdale:

If you want to re-live your high school experiences with some extra drama, this will do for you. the story takes some great turns about the crimes and monsters and drugs and some illegal activities in their town called Riverdale. The story is filed with, the kids fighting off all those crimes.

the story revolves around exception friendship and relationships, ups and downs.

3. Big Little Lies:

okay, this series has some real issues underlying, along with a good story going on. It’s about different families living in a town, with each house having their own problems and serious issues and how they deal with it all.

First season seems to be a little harsh but you eventually get a hold on it and once you are in the story, there is no way out. they have everything outstanding including cast and direction.

4. Jessica Jones:

It’s a fine story from Marvel, about a girl with super powers and abilities that make her some sort of Super but those abilities have came from her being a lab rat. the story is based on how she copes with it all and makes herself a hero out of nothing.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

if you are looking for a fun series to watch and enjoy your Saturday afternoon binge-ing, this will help you. the story is about detectives doing some fun out of all the serious situations and that is quite delightful to watch. the characters are filled with so much reality that you will just keep on watching.

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