Ramadan Karim

hello to all the beautiful people. So this is the month of Ramadan for all our Muslim sisters and brothers. we understand this the month where muslims fast for 1 month but what is the essence of it? Why do they do it? and what good it brings them? let me give you a quick insight of it all.

  • So Ramadan is basically the month in Islamic calendar that ensures that all muslims feel the same because God created us as one and so they can learn about the value of hunger and thirst and be grateful for what has offered to them. its a 30 day period and Muslims stops eating before the sun has risen and they can eat only after the sun has set, depending on their time and weather zones. It’s the month where the doors of heaven has been opened and the doors of hell has been closed, every good deed will be awarded as 10X more and all the prays will be heard by ALLAH.
  • By fasting we get to feel the pain of suffering of the people that don’t get to eat anytime of the day and so it creates the impact on people and motivates them to give more so that no one has to suffer from hunger and this kind of situation. Muslims give as much as they are capable of, during this month of Ramadan.
  • The basic message that Islam gives is that Every single being is equal to the other. No one is higher in ranks than the other and this month emphasis on that particularly.
  • During the fast muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything except if a women is pregnant, during travelling, menstruation or if someone is really sick.
  • The basic goal of all the muslims during this holy month is to detoxify themselves from any pride-ness, self-centred and them being full of themselves, during fast you feel down to earth and you would be able to feel and being thankful for the blessings that we are not able to appreciate during our normal life.

After the month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world celebrates Eid, where we have to pay a certain amount, depending upon our income and other factors including so that people who are less fortunate can be a part of this festival.

Every muslim men prays an Eid pray at mosque in the morning and then they come home where the females have made any kind of sweet. This is the day where everyone goes to their relatives and go out and just have fun and be thankful for everything they have from family to friends and all the blessings.

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