Wednesday Wellness- Hydration

Hello people, Hope every is doing great.

So today I am gonna Strat a series of Wednesday Wellness and the topic I have chosen is Hydration. yeah we have heard about it a lot of times on how important it is to keep yourself hydrated and how should we live on a healthy lifestyle by drinking enough water.

now I know that it is just as normal of a common sense to know that drinking water benefits aren’t just a myth but us, as a human are just some “amazing” lazy humans that avoid the facts and do what our heart please. Now I personally live with my sister who Is one classic Cola lover. she lives on Cola. Thats the kind of people I was talking about as the lazy one’s. Now I do realise a lot of groans about how hard it is to leave Cola for good but let’s get real.

if you want to live healthily and not suffer from bad health conditions that gives you problem at any age You need to start a better life N.O.W!!! and the most essential part is to Detox yourself and drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water everyday. try to drink water at any temperature you prefer. Avoid sugary drinks and juices. Try to stay persistent and regulate yourself accordingly.

I saw a meme few days back saying, Drink more water, you won’t have time to deal with anyone’s bullshit because you will be too busy going to the loo.

So think of that and keep yourself happy and hydrated. Cola ain’t worth it!

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