NARS Orgasm Blush

The link is down below if you want to get the Blush, hands on!..

NARS is one of the amazing makeup brand that has came up with the creamiest formulation of products and I just love their blushes. they are creamy, long lasting and they just do wonders.

For blushes, my taste differs from time to time. sometimes I feel like going all pink and red and there are other days where I just want a subtle touch of color to bring life to my face.

This is a kind of blush which can be used occasionally, according to the time and requirement. The formulae is build-able with a slight glitter to it which works perfectly for me since I love a great glitter on my face.

You see the glamorous pink shade of amazing-ness. That is just why I love it.

tell me your favourite blush and why you like it?!

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