Huda Beauty Nude Palette

hello my wonderful beings. I have had the Nude Palette since the launch but I can not just review a product, sing it once or twice. I have used it since then and now I can easily talk about what I feel about the colours and pigments and how they wear in a daily use.

So yet again, Huda beauty has came up with one really promising and a great palette that have a combination of nudes and shimmers and pinks. The colours blend in really well and all the transitioning shades are just right on point. The palette consists of 18 colours that work wonders.

This palette has 11 mattes, 5 exotic shimmers and 2 glitters to fill your need of any day look. Here are some swatches from the palette.

The colours goes very well for all skin types. For the glitters in the palette, EXCITE & INFATUATED ,they can’t be applied really well with a brush due to their consistency and texture. They are real glitter shades inside the palette, you should apply the shadows with either your bare fingers or by applying glue under-neath, for them to stay on easily and for longer.

My favourites in the palette will be the 5 creamy shimmers. CRAVE, FANTASY, DAY DREAM, KINKY AND CHARMED, they apply so well with fingers and they are metallic and just right on point to apply on the lid to create a great look. These work so well for the inner corners as well to bring an amazing pop of color. CRAVE works really well for your eye-brow highlight just to be a little EXTRA.

here’s the link for you to get yours now!

These colours are really well for anytime’s look you want to go for. Do let me know what you guys think about it and how the palette has been treating you.

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Bye Lovlies.

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