Is Dr Jart+ worth spending money on?

Dr Jart+ is one known skincare brand that is known to be really good and work pretty well on most skins types. they have came up with a lot of cleansers, moisturisers and sleeping mask along with some masks. They are all used for different skin conditions and needs.

My skin type is a combination skin and I used this Cleanser for a week and what I have seeing for a week is that my skin is getting a lot more patchy and drying. I have been seeing dry skin dots with patches of dryness. my T-Zone is really un-moisturized and I feel like if I keep using it my skin will start flaking off.

I have used it along moisturisers and masks and I used to put after-wards but it still did not do anything for me. I believe that if you have really oily skin tone this moisturiser will totally do wonders for you.

So I am back at my old Murad’s cleanser because that really helps and goes amazingly with my skin. I apply moisturiser and argon oil every night before bed to let your skin rejuvenate and stay healthy all the way.

I will be writing about my skin care very soon.

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