Going Vegan for 1 week?!

okayyy.. So its going to be one of the biggest decisions I am taking these days regarding my health and diet.

I was just reading about being Vegan and how it beneficial for us and that its scientifically proven that people who lives a vegan life lived 6.1 year more than meat-eaters. I was like WOW!

I never took it much seriously on how badly we are affecting our bodies just by eating meat and unhealthy, so I am going ti give it a go, just to see how it works and how healthy does it make me feel.

Now its coming from a person that lives with a family that loves chicken, meat, beef, turkey and fishes and even myself, I have one of these food groups at least one time, every day.

So I just want to see how addictive am I to the non-vegetarian foods. being vegan promises to make you feel much lighter and healthier but you have to take a closer look on maintaining your micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients so I am going to plan my diet and share it with you guys very very soon.

Do let me know if you have trued being vegan and what you liked and did not liked about it.

See you soon loves!

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  1. The good thing about being vegan now is that there are plenty of vegan alternatives to dairy and to meat available, lots of good vegan cookbooks, cafes all offer almond milk instead of cow milk and restaurants are now offering vegan dishes as well.

    1. Exactly. I was so scared before starting the whole journey because I’ve been eating non-vegan my entire life and haven’t seen a single family member being vegan or even vegetarian. Now that I’m practicing it personally, it tells me how people are respectful of this diet and its surprising yet inpiring towards me.

  2. How did your Vegan week go? Did you decide to commit to more? I am vegan and I believe it is the best thing you can do for your body and the planet! Good luck!

    1. I am gonna write about it very very soon. But honestly its one if the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my body. I felt healthy and energetic. Not gonna lie, it was hard in the beginning but surely worth it. I’ve started trying it imply it more and more. What do you do as a vegan wen going out thou? I would really like to knos.

      1. Eating out is tricky. You have to find a few tried and true resturants that serve Vegan food. I love tofu so I usually do a google search for tofu+the town I want to eat out in. But all in all we do eat at home more, which is better! Fresh ingredients prepared perfectly the way you like. Usually friends and family are pleased to be invited too, so a fun night out can change to a fun night in!

      2. Lol that’s soooo true. I’ve tested that, and its quite the haunt you have to do if you wanna find a vegan restaurant in Denmark and even if there is, the food quality isn’t so good. So i try to eat at home while being on this diet. It makes you feel so fresh and good about yourself, i swear I’m the happiest when i practice veganism.

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