Marriages in South-Asian parts of the world

Hello my wonderful people.

So marriage is something that bonds two people together and everything ties along, their future, their time, children and everything comes along when you get married. it requires a lot of understanding and good friendship because you need to be able to share your vulnerabilities and stress with each other.

Now if you are from south-asian part of the world, marriage is totally another thing from all that. marriage here means two families bonding together due to the fact that parents find the groom or bride for you. Of course the guy had a say in it but generally girls aren’t asked enough and they are not made up to be able to take actions for themselves, so they just go along with what their parents have decided and see for themselves what it bought for them as the time progresses. Now it’s a beautiful process of how it all gets celebrated and the laughs and joy is definitely amazing because of the involvement of so many people.

In this whole process of finalising marriage guy and a girl is given a chance to get to know each other and can talk and meet formally but you certainly are able to know that person better after the marriage because of course you are living with him or her. All that time period is extremely over-whelming for both parties but luckily now we have cell phones an WhatsApp and a lot of other means to connect so it has became much better for the guy and a girl to know each other so that helps a little bit.

Now after marriage girls live in a new family with couple of strangers, there could be a separate house given, but generally the girls after marriage live in the joint family, she has never visited or been with before and the most staggering part is living with your, now husband. Reality starts from that moment and the first 2 months inn your are still learning because every house has different ways of functioning so the girl learns from others of how its been done now with all of this the most essential relationship you have to work with is your husband.

You will be needed the support and love from him to work with his family. you both need to create and maintain a strong bond that helps them both stand up straight and together through thick and thin.

I feel really bad for the guy because the heaviest responsibility falls on his shoulders to being fair with both his Mother and Wife and that too could be easy for him if the wife supports him and don’t talk bad and about everything that happens during the day. Create a much peaceful environment for him and herself too, and build a bond.

Girl has the rest of the day with the in-laws so she does not have any other option than to bond with the people she resides with now and that too is healthy to live peacefully to get to know people and their needs. it also goes both-ways, with mutual Respect and Friendship that could be achieved too.

I will be talking about it more and some self-health stuff in my next Blog, stay tuned and let me know about the marriage culture according to where you are residing.

Till then take care and get your head highs the crown doesn’t fall.

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