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Hair problem is something that all of us face at some stage starting from our early teens. as the hormones start to change your body requirements change and so are the nurturing and caring of each parts of the body.

As a Middle East girl, our mothers love oiling our hair since the childhood. my mother used to oil my hair as long as I remember but since I have been married and thing have started to fall upon my very own shoulders I have been slacking off because of the fact that there is nobody right here to tell me to bring oil and sit infront of her to get the most relaxing massage and let the oil sit in my head for at least 2 days that were mostly weekends.

So I got married a year ago, WOW, it really had been a year!!! Well, I have had been styling my hair a lot, almost every other day its blow drying, straightening and curling my hair, almost on daily basis and after 5 to 6 months I had been seeing some really bad results from all that styling and thats an eye opener to get on with all the hair care stuff.

I have started to oil my hair more often, at least as much as I could and get a lot of conditioning through anyway possible. But doing so made my hair become oily faster and I would be needed to wash my hair after evert second day, which just causes more dryness.

This was my Hair 2 years ago.

My hair started to fall out more and the worst part is Split Ends. I had never experienced split ends before until the very age of 21. this was new and extremely scary. I started to get frequent hair cuts to get rid of those dead hair. what scared me the most was the fact that when I googled about split ends, it said that if you leave the dead hair and dont get them cut it will reach the root of the hair and kill it permanently. So try to take care of your hair before it reaches that stage where you have to get the length shorter, because then that’s the last option.

You should get frequent haircuts just to trim away the ends anyway. so make it very 5th month.

The best option is to oil you hair and let the oil sit for at least one night. wash it off and put a minor amount of oil again to maintain the shine and to secure them. The oil that I have been using since childhood has been Mustard oil and it works a 100%. I do that every time without a singe doubt of it working,

But sometimes I mixed it up with a little proportion of coconut, olive and castor oil and let it sit before going to shower. and I do get my hair Cut more often. if you have good hair growth than that shouldn’t be a problem but if you want to keep the length, get your hair some thinning. you can do it at home too. I will be uploading a video very soon to show you guys how it can be done all by yourself.

Things that I gave been buying while showering has been as follows;

I use one of each every time I shower. the conditioners have been doing wonders to my hair, leaving them shiny and silky and the hair mask on the right had been my saviour. you just need to shampoo your hair and when you are done, get rid of extra water in your hair and put the hair mask on your hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 min and then wash it off. it had been amazing but I am not sure if these brands are easily available all over. ut that not a problem, just buy any hair mask and conditioners that have high levels of keratin to protect the damage done to your hair from all the styling and blow-drying.

I will be talking about more hair masks you can DIY at home from all the things easily available at home in my next blog, so stay tuned and let me know what products have you been using.

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