My Current Obsession: KAYALI

We have heard about the hype that is Kayali. It’s so worth spending each penny on. I personally have loved them and it’s just right where the scent should be. the perfumes are heavy and lat longer than most perfumes.

They do cost a bit more than normal perfumes but what’s better than smelling like a goddess all day long. My personal favourite are Elixir and Musk. they all are filled with exact notes of each scent according to the table I have mentioned in my previous blog. Each perfume is rich and the scents are intoxicating, that you would want to just get lost in the scent.

Try em on let me know what you think about them!

Take care my fantabulous people.

2 Thoughts

    1. They all are really good and its really hard to put a finger on a specific fragrance but I personally love Elixir more because of the Oud scent it contains.

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