Life Hack 102: How to let your scent stay on for long.

Heya my people!!!

Let’s talk body odour. Everybody has an extinct odour and everybody likes to smell fresh and exotic all day long.


Scents also have its own way of commencing with the body from person to person. You should always give some time to see how a fragrance stays on you. Does it change its scent? Does it stay fresh all day from applying and re-applying? How long does it last? All these questions are important to understand in order to configure the right fragrance for yourself.


  • Now the first rule to a feeling utterly great is to moisturise your skin before applying the perfume. Scent gets locked in the moisturised skin and stays on for some more time than non moisturised skin.
  • After you are done showering and moisturising yourself, thats the best time to apply the perfume.
  • Always target your pulse points. perfumes will stay on towards the nerves of your body.
  • The most common points are; Wrists, back off the ear, back of your knee, and the malleolus.


  • If you apply vaseline to these points and spray your perfume on. it surely is going to stay on for longer period of time.
  • Keep applying the perfume all day long after 3 to 4 hours, depending on your body’s need.
  • One of the hacks I personally use is to apply the perfume over my hairbrush and then comb your hair. it will give your hair extinction smell all day long!



Let me know if there are any more hacks that have been working for you all.

Keep smelling good and stay tuned for more about perfumes!

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