Brunch Spots in Denmark!

One thing that I absolutely love to do is to EAT!


Literally it could be the only thing that I enjoy doing and since I’ve been to Denmark which have been a year old I have been to a number of places. Some places are good, some are better than good. Trying out new Foods and places is one of my favourite hobbies to do(no jokes). But I guess as long as anything involves food is in my favourite list. Saying this repeating-ly is just to emphasise the fact how much I love it!!!

Let’s talk about some good places I have been and recommend fully.

  • So because of my love for food I am gonna do a series of the famous food spots and tell you guys about my experience. So I am gonna start with:

The Brunch Spots


#1: Cafe Norden:

Cafe Norden is one of the finest places to be at. It located on the main centre of Copenhagen, it’s on Walking street and it is without any doubt always filled with people who are there for shopping or just strolls and all kind of tourists. The decor and Food is good at Cafe Norden but according to the prices I would say that the place is a bit over-priced and over-rated.

They have all kind of foods you would want during the brunch time from pancakes to sandwiches to salads and burgers and basically anything you would want. But if you want to feel extra fancy you must go there and try it, I would think that with the prices they offer, you can go to some different place and get good food. One thing with there price is a fair amount, the quantity of their food will satisfy you fully!


#2: Cafe Øst:

Cafe Øst is an amazing brunch spot. The owners from that place are Moroccan and they have decorated the place to give a little touch from their culture. the food their is just amazing. They offer smaller portion but more options per menu. The food their is delicious and amazing and one of my favourites.

their pricing is also very fair and its a great place for friends get to-gether. the environment is warm and friendly. it isn’t one of the fanciest places and the staff usually consists of 2 to 3 members but you wouldn’t feel that to be a problem because they perform their job pretty well.

Screenshot_20190130-233909_Instagram    Snapchat-1859489222

#3: Cafe Phoenix:

It os one really cozy place that offers a brunch buffet. It’s really good if you can’t decide on what to chose. you can just munch upon everything in a smaller quantity. they have good variety of almost everything you would like for breakfast and brunch time including eggs, sausages, Fresh bread, cold Turkey slices, some fried stuff that you would crave, pancakes, fresh fruit etc.

it has reasonable prices per person and the environment is really great for shorter amount of times.


#4: Wulff og Konstali:

It’s a really busy spot and that would be because of the over-hyped reason due to a lot of young students. When we went there it was almost full but the food really didn’t impressed us. The food was extremely small, in portion and the price was fairly high regarding the amount of food they provided.


#5: Dalle Valle:

Dalle Valle is one of an amazing places to be at for a Brunch and dessert. they have fresh brunch buffet . their brunch is pretty fresh all the time and they have more variety than Cage Pheonix, I believe. the taste is good and the pricing is fair just don’t order extra’s including juices or anything excluding the buffet because they do cost more. so stray away from extra’s and you are good to go.


#6: Cafe Pilos:

I personally have really liked this place. Its really small and cozy. it can hardly have 20 people in it which makes it very inclusive. I had seen families going there for a brunch. mothers with their infants, friends, and couples coming there and having a great time in there. there menu is small yet the food is filling and delicious. there serving style is really modest and inspiring.

These are the places I have been to and here are my reviews about them. Do let me know what Brunch spots are great , where you are residing.

I will see you all soon in the next series very soon.

See Ya!

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