The Best Nude glosses for y’all.

       Nudes are trendy, high in fashion and loved by majority. Isn’t!!!


Oh okay, wait before you get to think about something, anything else let me clear your mind by telling you all, that I am talking about Nude makeup trend that is loved by majority of females from any career, field or age.

Yeah, Right!

Of course nothing beats the red bold lips but Nude gives the clean, confident in your skin type of look, which is talked by almost all beauty gurus all over internet and Youtube. and they are popularised for a reason as they give a natural makeup look more sophisticated.


Now I know a lot of females, including my mom thinks that Nude is not something anyone needs as they are more likely to just match your tone and mean nothing, but that’s something to do with their age and generation.


Every female needs a Nude color in their makeup bags. Here are few reasons why;

  • Its classy and Trendy,
  • You can use it on days you don’t wanna go full glam.
  • You can wear it on days you wanna go full glam, because with black Smokey eyes, nude lips go perfectly without over doing it.
  • it gives the gradient effect of natural yet there is something that people see and gives them a beautiful effect of you.

Some pretty nudes I have and they are recommended and approved.


Here are some Swatches;


I don’t take any of that as a joke,

These are some of my favourite NYX Nudes, for me nudes are MY color. they go with all my moods and days.

Anastasia also have a wide variety of nudes that I adore very much but the only problem is that they don’t last very long but the shades are pretty and I wear them non-the-less.


This New Fenty Beauty lip gloss is my new absolute favourite. It’s my current obsession and I wear it over all my shades. It does look pretty without any other colour but wearing it over any lip colour is just beautiful, it has right amount of glitter and gloss that looks and wears just perfectly. It has a sticky consistency and it smells divine.

The one’s I have mentioned here are:

For real Nudes your best options are;

MEDORA: Iced Coffee
NYX: Tres Leches
NYX: Athens
NYX: Stockholm
NYX: Abu Dhabi
MAYBELLINE: Seductress
KAT VON D: Bow N Arrow
M.A.C: Kinda Sexy AB3

For the peachy pink Nude look;

KAT VON D: Ophelia
LIQUID Rebel Rose

For a clean Glossy look;

GOSH Volume lip shine gloss
Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb

What are your favourite nudes and why? lemme know in the comment section below why you love or hate Nudes?!

Till then Bye my Beautiful’s!


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