Mario Badescu! A pass or waste of money?

Hello to every amazing person reading this. I am going to talk about another skincare product, since everyone has some skin issues and every one continuously looking for products that can provide the best results and clear skin that everyone dreamt of.

Mario Badescu is one brand really hyped up for providing the fine skin results in minimum amount of time and leave your skin feeling splendid and all tv-like.IMG_20181206_131047_655.jpgI saw it while I was in England and I got really excited because of all the things said about the brand and I was extremely excited about using both the products. But in all honesty I am not satisfied with results at all. The DRYING LOTION is suppose to work overnight by drying out your pimples and giving them less appearance for the next day and the facial spray is just to give you a flawless sprit of all the good ingredients that it has to offer.200w.gif

Mario Badescu: Dryi

ng Lotion;

I am not happy with the results of this product. it really did not work for me as the bottle and a lot of reviews say, it does! my outbreak was just the same after using it one night. so I decided to give it a go another day. but the results did not vary. it sits on the face and leave white spots after applying, changing itself into a powdery costed me 175dkk, and I actually regret buying it!d

Facial Spray;

This facial spray smells really great and it also works really good as makeup prep and setting spray. But buying it only to get a balanced skin tone or just for your face is actually a waste. At least for me it is. it did not do anything specific and I didn’t not found any change in my skin, good or bad. so as there are not any specific cons in buying that spray you can always get a better on


will be writing about the best spays you can get to help your skin rejevunate and so you could see a much better difference


Tell me have you used these products and how did they work for you?!….till then Take care, and see you all in the next post !!!!!


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