Want to get a healthy skin this Winter. Here are some of your friends

hello to all my people out there!!! Hopefully winter is treating you all really well. just steer clear from all the cold and flu and the rest will get going along the way.


Skin care is suppose to be your number one priority specially since the cold weather is approaching us, its the time you take the most care of your skin from all the harsh environment. skin dryness is one of the most common factors, you will be dealing with and a good moisturiser is your best friend. so get you hands on a good moisturiser that works the best for your skin type.

So you can save yourself from situation like these;


So I went to a happy place, which too is Sephora the other day, and came in contact with one dermatologist. we started to discuss my skin and how can I maintain a well balanced skin routine that will help get it through this winter and almost all year round!

I have been using these products and I can swear by them. but you have to pick the one’s that works and satisfy your skin needs. I have a sensitive skin and its got combination to dry skin type, so I have very mild products that can suit almost everyone but if you have more oily skin or if you are dealing with other issues then I suggest you do some re-search and try to get the products that would perform well with your skin.


This is my 4-steps skin regime right there that works absolute wonders for me and I’m in love with these products.

Firstly, Be Consistent. you can never achieve your required results without putting all you effort and consistency in it. you have to perform the skin care routine twice a day to achieve the skin that you want.

  1. Murad Essential-C cleanser;

Murad has one of the finest skincare products in the market right now. there products are bit pricey but I would say its all worth it. the products are gentle on your skin and works exactly the way I want my products to.


Double cleansing;

I have been introduced to double cleansing recently, its you cleaning your skin twice in a row to get better results. I would say it does the trick, since with the first wash only your outer layer of skin gets the chance to clean up, but you are leaving your pores that need some attention as well. just apply tiny amount of cleanser and rub your face gently for 40 to 60 seconds, both times and get that cleaner skin.

*I dont use a towel to wipe my face off, its much harsher for your skin try using a softer face towel or tissue to wipe your face off.

  2. Apply the Glow tonic all over your face and neck;

after you are done cleansing your face, now will be the time to get a cotton pad, wet it for some water and getting rid of all the excess water and then applying the Tonic on it and gently patting it on your skin. using water over the cotton pad is just to neutralise the tonic, so it won’t have a strong affect on your skin.


I am literally involve with this pixi, skin exfoliated, applying it gives me a very satisfying feeling, it gets absorbed by the skin and I feel my skin breathing and singing happily! I will be getting more of these because its just that good.

    3. Eye Cream;


Eye-cream should also be one the refined steps in your daily routine, You can start this step as early as 20 years of age. It keeps your skin elasticity and removes signs of aging and improves the appearance of dark circles. I have been using the Kiehl’s under eye treatment, what attracted me the most is its essential ingredient, Avocado. I loved anything that has avocado properties. This eye cream is just amazing and apply an extremely tiny amount because with eye crams a little goes a long way.



   4. Moisturize;


This is a very important step in your skincare routine, specially in winter. Cleansing your face gets rid of all the oils from your face and you need to give some moisture back to your skin. my skin gets red very easily and so I thought moisturisers were not my thing but I have learned over the years that your skin needs to get some external moisturiser to look and stay healthy.

But then the struggle to find the best moisturiser, that does its job without getting too greasy is still there. Don’t worry mates, I have got you. This current moisturiser from belif is just great. It is a gel like cream that sits on your face very fittingly. it has 70% hydration and that is just perfect. I apply it heavily on my T-zone and then spread it all over my face and neck!


*Never forget your neck, its important to do everything you do to your neck as well. the most common mistake is that people often forget about their neck. take care of it!


This is my current skin care regime and I am completely involve with all the products and how they work with skin. Tell me what new products should I try this winter.

Till then Au revoir ladies!

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