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Hi to all the wonderful people out there. Hopefully you are all doing fantabulous. today I will be talking about just about every possible diet introduced to humanity. It’s just a hobby that helps me keep the weight off and look and feel much better.

So all ya all, just get ready to dive into a long journey of how it all started and what I have been doing for almost 5 years.

It all started Three years ago when I got engaged and I got introduced to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, mostly because of my upcoming wedding I had to look good for, and I am very glad it happened because before that I actually never cared about or gave any thought to my looks or any possible health issues I might have had, well luckily there were not any. I didn’t mostly cared about it because I am one confident being and plus my height kind of filled that all, so I didn’t give a fat impression, but sure as Chubby.

But what happened was that I had to lose weight within 15 days for my engagement and everyone kept telling me how the pictures will stay there forever and I had to get myself together. what I started with, wasn’t the right option but it actually kick-started my whole system and lured me into living my life healthy.

  1. Crash Diet;

So yeah this was the first diet I tried because I got worried and that was the only solution I had left, I knew it wasn’t the best ways to lose weight and that you gain all the weight back on but because I became desperate in that time so I was willing to do whatever it takes. I wanted results and no matter how it will end I knew it was only solution.

I drank 4 to 5 litres of water everyday and only had one Fruit or vegetable, 3 times a day and that too excluding potatoes and bananas. This diet ensured that I loose 1 kg per day, and I did. I didn’t think about joining the gym that time but I knew I needed to lose that water weight so I had to do some sort of workout, I downloaded some HIIT cardio workouts for 30 to 40 minutes and I just danced around for like an hour, everyday.

well all of it did worked and did lost 8 kgs in 10 days, I was beyond happy because I have never experienced that before.



okay, so I did got engaged and for the 10 days I did not eat anything at all and when I went back to South Africa, I ate a lot more than I usually ate, resulting in getting all the weight back on plus some extra pounds, which after a certain point got me so scared and I had to think about different ways to get me back on track.

So no, Crash diets are not any good way to lose your weight unless its necessary and you promise yourself to keep your self uptight.

2. Cabbage Soup diet;

After the whole crash diet fatigue I was once again ready to get on the healthy lifestyle train. I searched a lot and came across this Cabbage diet among many others, available on the internet. This diet consists of you just having this soup twice a day with some vegetable if you want.

this diet almost did nothing for me and I got bored with it real quick, the soup didn’t even tasted worth letting it on, maybe if you know how to make healthy soup delicious, then you might get successful with this.

3. Military Diet;

After the Soup diet failed me, I got to know Military diet. This diet allows you to consume certain meals according to their time period. This diet promises you to lose 3 to 4 kg of body weight within 3 days, if you eat and follow exactly what they have given. you can follow this diet for 3 days and then eat whatever you want for the rest of the week.

This Diet does work and you will be able to see results real quick and I really liked this method because I like to follow certain given rules, make sit a lot much easier. But the only problem with this diet was that you can binge eat all the fat you have lost in those 4 days, at least I did. but if you are persistent, you can definitely try this diet and it will do wonders for you.

4. I finally started gyming;

This I would say has been the best decision of my life so far, it literally makes me so happy to talk about this. I know mostly for people gyming or working out is the biggest issue but have you tried “Group Training Programme”?

If No, then you really should because being in the group training programme is a lot more fun then doing it alone in the gym. I am so glad that  I got to know this group training bootcamp. They had variety of workouts throughout the week. I honestly, fell involve with exercising. I loved how I could feel the blood rushing through my body and I had so much control over my body. screenshot_20181114-113652_samsung-notesI got introduced to so many workouts. At G’s Boot camp, they had the mixture of Cardio, Kickboxing, Zumba, Steps and so much more blog with the qualified and the most friendly instructors ever.

I was lucky tat it was really close to my house, but honestly if I would’ve started it and it was anywhere else, I would still go there, no matter what. There is timing and sessions for different classes at G’s Boot camp, and me being addicted to it, I usually took 2 or even 3 session one after another everyday because I enjoyed it and loved every second of being there. screenshot_20181114-113710_samsung-notes

The head Trainer Gusmari, had that charisma and attitude that makes you feel enthusiastic and love what you do. You hate her first but trust me what she does is amazing, and you will be thanking her once you are done, because it is all worth it. There were mostly females there in all ages, sizes, shapes and weights and everybody had smiles and friendliness happening around, it was the positivity of that place that really attracted me. screenshot_20181114-113106_photos

I suggest you join a group training facility if you find it hard to stay motivated and don’t want to join the gym. I have been very sad since I’ve been to Europe I haven’t found a good group training facility and I do still train but it’s just not fun, I will tell you guys all about it in another blog.

5. I thought gyming will do the magic and I don’t have to get on a diet or do anything;

Mostly people think that if they have started workout and do cardio for 2 hours, they will get the body they desire. but the fact is that its 70% of your diet and 30% of workout that have impact on your overall body. that shook me and then I knew that I have to careful and considerate about what I put inside my body to attain what I want on the outside. so you unfortunately have to cutout all the carbs and sweets cravings out to maintain and achieve your body goals.

6. I got back to senses and did the right thing FINALLY;

This was when I have tried a lot and figured out how to do the right thing without just going after my required results.

you need to make a sustainable gaol, which is loosing 1 kg of fat within 15 days and you will end up losing 2 by the end of the month. that’s how you can lose weight, gain muscle and get more energy in your body. eating healthy and working out goes hand in hand and they both work simultaneously.

That’s how you can lose weight and keep it off for as long as you want. yes.gif

Verdict; PERSISTENCY is the key. its something you need the most whenever you are trying to achieve something including getting your body of dreams.

Stay persistent and keep pushing!!!

Bye my Chicas…

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