Concealer magic

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So whats the most exciting part about makeup that changes your whole game?

Well for me, it surely is the concealer. It hides those scary eye-bags and all the imperfections of one’s skin, making you look fabulous and ready to conquer the world.


As the progression of makeup, you have number of concealers to choose from as all the others makeup product. you need to find a concealer that reaches all your facial requirements and suits your skin type. you can choose between the light to full-coverage concealer, but obviously the more coverage the concealer have, the better.

You can apply concealer before of after the foundation. it usually is the second step after foundation. but if you any marks and imperfections feel free to dab some one first and then apply foundation and go under you eyes to get a flawless skin.

I have been using many concealers ranging from drugstore to high-end brands. and these are current one’s that you will find in my make-up bag.


Tarte Shape tape Concealer;

Let’s just bow down to one of the finest concealers in the beauty market. Tarte shape tape concealer had been used and loved by almost every single person that has used it, and it has been really hyped but it was worth all the praises and I personally love it. Tarte has set the stake real high and they have made it really hard for new brands to achieve that quality and to let people love something else other than shape tape.

The texture and consistency of this concealer is definitely very creamy yet thick. you do not need a second layer to hide the blemishes or for covering your under eyes. its heavy and too full coverage to be true. it won’t leave your under eye, creasing. Shape tape is available in many different shades making it amazing for you to choose your perfect match.

Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer;

okay, so lets take moment and appreciate what Huda created with her concealer. She was not kidding when she got that concealer out. I can not honestly, tell you which Concealer between Tarte Shape Tape and Huda’s overachiever is the winner, because I have used both and I utterly felt involve with the Overachiever concealer.

Its consistency is creamy and its a high-end full coverage concealer though I figured that you do need to set it with a translucent powder for it to not crease and stay flawless. Same as Tarte Shape tape it does not need a second layer, because it does the magic in just one time. Somehow I have figured that Overachiever concealer has more coverage that the shape tape concealer. so I am biased with this decision, although with these concealers, your are promised to obtain a flawless, ready to rock makeup. Overachiever concealer too has a wide range of shades available for you to get the perfect colour.

Maybelline Instant Anti-age Eraser Concealer;

So if you want a drugstore budget, full coverage concealer, maybelline did it for you. this concealer is definitely amazing with all the qualities you would want in your concealer.

it definitely is not that full coverage as the Shape tape or Overachiever, but it does give you the fine look you want to go for. this concealer can be used a day-to-day basis or for a glammed up look. this concealer covers up really good and I can used it any day because it does the job for you. You might need to add more layers if you are going total in with the look.

Maybelline Fit me concealer;

This concealer is not one concealer you want to spend your money on, unless you are looking for a non-comedogenic concealer, that does not clogs your pores and keeps your skin face. If this is the reason then it is a best concealer for your face, unless you can get a lot better concealer within the same price. Its consistency is very watery and you definitely need a lot of layers if you want to hide all your skin imperfections. I recommend getting a shade exactly or sin colour because it will hide the imperfections much better than the lighter shade.

Tell me which concealer works best for you and why?

Till then Adios!!

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