A Visit to Cape Town (part2)

Heeellooooo to everyone.

Let’s get started from where we left off,


So just like the first 2 days, we started this day with the same energy. This is the day we were supposed to go to Robben Island, thats the island where Nelson Mandela had been kept in jail, 27 years of his life before the fall of apartheid. they have turned that place in a museum, restoring all the artefacts. I really wanted to go their, but we could make it since the cruise that takes you to the Island was already booked for the entire week, so if you guys ever plan on going to Robben island, while being in South Africa, and you must, you need to book for it a long time before you travel there.

we did went up to the Ticket place and it was a little museum itself, so we did got an image how it would be!

And we got sad, and guess how we coped?


yeah well, life gives you Food Market, Eat! and thats what we did.

This food market has a mixture of anything and everything. there was little stalls there and all the food was delicious and fresh and worth it!


there were Indian/Pakistani/Chinese etc cuisines, so you have a wide range of food to choose from!

And so after that we went to Two-Oceans Aquarium, its a huge aquarium and they had almost any kind of fish possible ad available in this world, it was completely worth giving a shot. If you book in advance you can swim in there ocean with there sea-life and we could see people through the glass, that surely did look good. You can go in alone and ask for an assistance being with you all the way!

This is one really Gigantic aquarium and you will love it, its amusing from almost anyone of any age.


Our next stop was the colourful city, Bo-Kaap, that is one appealing place to be, it was totally mystifying.


Bo-kaap comes with a lot o history from the apartheid, the first muslim mosque in Africa, is also found there and its just is so pretty to define. you can go to the bo-kaap museum to get a glimpse of Malay culture. It was also one of the hustled places in South Africa, there were so many tourists just walking there, a lot of tourist groups were present there and we also get to see a bridal photoshoot, happening there. It was a lot and it was all worth it!


The last image is the jail where they used to put their slaves during the apartheid era, its still standing their without anything happening in there anymore , because people have sentimental values to that place.

After all this amazing day we went to one incredible Arabic restaurant. It was so far our best dinner, they did serve fresh hummus and their lahmajoon was out of this world.

They had 2 lounges, and they ask if you want to sit in the smoking or non-smoking lounge, its uptown you. they have sheesha provided to you, if you want one or you could just sit in the non-smoking area.

And moving onto the last day, we got up and went to V&A for some last shopping and desserts.

We had to reach at airport early so after all the shopping, we quickly went to the airport.


Oh did I tell you, if you all into dessert you MUST try Cinnabon, its an absolute pleasure having them in your mouth! they literally are fresh out of oven and you just fell involve with it. It was my husband’s must stop everyday it was available.


Well, there was my Cape Town experience, and I did fell involve with it. its totally a honeymoon spot as well. you can go for romantic walks and enjoy the glory that is Cape Town!

Do tell me how your trip had been or when are you planning to visit Cape Town.

Enjoy my loves.

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