fall in Denmark


Hello to all my wonderful beings,

I love nature. All the seasons have some glory to it that makes me fall inlove with it, more specifically Spring and Autumn.

And currently we have Fall happening in Denmark. as much as the fact of winter coming again and wearing all the coats and heavy boot seson is dreading me I just want to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of fall.

I have came from South Africa and unlike the stories we hear about SA not being compatible to rest of the world. its very normal of a country and people eat and sleep and walk just like anywhere else in the world.

Plus its one of the most beautiful continent i have ever seen yet regarding the natural beauty. But what amazed me the most is the fact that Fall here is tremendous as well.


I find everything about fall, incredible. the trees, hoodies, bronzy makeup, its all my favorite. I like fall ecause it gives the impression of re-birth of nature and it tells us that after this falling of trees, the new weather will come givong us the glory of its own. Its all magical, how it works. the nature tells me that just be patient and stay optimistic and enjoy what you can, while you can.

This certainly is not one of the easiest things to do and certainly not the pleasent one either but we can work with it and it is under all our control. we just need to tell our bodies to beleive and think about all the positivities among the negativities we face.


Okay.. enough about the self-care talk. let’s talk fall again.

So I was driving towards Sweden few days back and the scenery on its way just took my breath away. trust me when I tell you that Plant life in Sweden is truely blessed. in winter those trees will be covered in snow, in summer they will be gloriously green and Fall was just as amazing.

tell me what excites you guys the most about Autumn, is it the Haloween’s spookiness or warmness in the temperature? or what is your favorite season and why!

Take care till the Ladies!

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