I have a serious S U S H I OBSESSION

Sushi is good for us. no kiddings! It actually has a ton of health benefits… So let us all go to the near Sushi restaurant and gather up all those benefits we can have from it.

Hello and Welcome everyone and before I hear all the groans and moans about sushi being a raw fish and that it tastes bad or how can someone swallow or even digest it. (eye roll).These are all just self-made thought guys, seriously I have had sushi just 2 days ago and I can assure you all that it tastes just delicious and yes I am living and breathing and functioning just fine.

Sushi tastes incredible and I was serious when I said it comes with so many health benefits that are implausible.

  1. It improves your Heart health, since it raw fish, its rich I omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. It gives your Metabolism boost, which honestly is amazing for dietary benefits.
  3. Reduces the risk of cancer.
  4. Ensure healthy hormonal balance.
  5. Sushi improves Circulation.

I don’t think I started dating sushi regarding any health benefit. I just tried and loved it.but one thing to always live by is, and I quote “Excess of everything is bad”. Going overboard is never a good idea rather it goes I the wrong direction.

I tried Sushi for the first time in South Africa. My husband was the one who actually introduced me to Sushi because he loved it long time before me. We specially went out on a sushi date just to practice how our sushi-life would go.



We all could guess what happened after this I really liked it very much but the one with fried prawn is my utter favourite and right after a month I came to Denmark and he took me to the finest Sushi restaurant we have here in Copenhagen.


All of this is just for 2 people. Dont Judge!

Their sushi specifically tastes so good because their quality is mind-blowing. their rice, avocados, tuna, salmon, soya everything has an extinctive perfection.


After that I tried a local Food market’s sushi. the sushi there, was amazing because they had additional flavour and spices added into it, which was out of routine, so I really find it relishing. The only problem I could see from it was that you can not eat a lot of it since its flavourful you feel full very quickly and I believe you can get bored with it very easily. It was good for a change but I would not be eating that a lot.

Guess where we turn back!…

This really looks Delicious. it making me want to have sushi again.




Although Sticks’N’sushi is my all-time favourite and I can surely say that I have been in almost all the branches of it in cph, but we do try out new places every now and then, We went to a sushi restaurant WATAMI. Its a cozy, small restaurant and it is located in one of the posh areas of copenhagen.

Their service and execution was really good but they are a bit overpriced. The sushi tastes really refined there as-well.

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Their starters ere really good and the meat was well-cooked and had just the right amount of spices on it. it was a good experience at Watami.



Few days ago me and my friend went to a sushi-chain all over the Europe restaurant called Letz Sushi.


the sushi there was okay-ish but it got my friend and I really sick. maybe it was there soya sauce that was a little too sour or maybe its their way of making sushi but you have to be careful, eating sushi from take-outs. It requires a lot of care to make the perfect Sushi so find a good place and enjoy it and gain all the heath benefits as well.

Trying Sushi in Italy

we went to our Honeymoon and of course, we had to try out their sushi. it tastes really well there swell and it was pretty good restaurant in Rome. there sushi had that perfect perk we wan it to ave so we totally fell involve with that.


I’ll keep you guys posted whenever we eat it anywhere in the world and keep suggesting you the best places to try it out.


Till then enjoy guys.

ciao bellas

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