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I am a women and not a Feminist

Feminism is a concept of getting equal rights for women and creating equal opportunities for women to be more compatible in the society and to fight off the common belief of paying men more for the same amount of time they invest as any other women.

when it gets bad is where the feminists start to call all men trash and how they act as pig in all their matters. I am a daughter of a very generous man and I can not accept the fact that you defy all men in perspect of what some men do.

Its like people judge Islam, a whole religion based on their view of some muslims, that’s never the way to eliminate problems. Instead of fixing the issue people start to blame the masses and it just backfires because of the majority of people involved in that circle and focus on the one’s that are actually causing problems in the society.

I believe, at some point feminism is good and it is needed in this men dominated society because women need some sort of protection and should be given the right to fight for themselves.

This era has been more about supportive environment for women so they can come out and talk about how they are being used and abused in the place called home where they should be more protected but there are still so many places where the awareness hasn’t reached and women are not sure what to do about these kind of situations. the only solution to all of this is to create more educational opportunities for women and give them assurances regarding their needs.

The problem with Feminism is that, it’s being used by the women of upper class and they are using it with what they feel comfortable with making it a joke for the rest of the community of women and we need a lot of resources and way of delivering the information and awareness to women in any class to help them figure out ways and approach the problem-solving solutions.

women need to help grow bigger and better with each other, supporting them all along. that’s one of the finest ways to create a better environment that enhances the capacity of women in any area.


Let’s talk Foundations.

Hello my lovely people.

And welcome back Winter! *eyeroll*, its getting severely cold here in Denmark. tell me about all of you? How are you guys dealing with the weather living in your state?

Okay so what is the most primal and critical part about makeup? any guesses.. Well it is your Foundation. it can either make up or break the look you are going for.



You need to buy a foundation that suits your skin type, skin color and have the texture and consistency your skin is comfortable with. I recommend you spending a little bit more on your foundation rather than any other product since that is what you are using the most and all over your face. and it has to sit there making direct contact with your skin.

With the growing makeup industry. almost every brand has came up with their Foundation, and as hard it makes for us to shop, we definitely have more options to choose from, regarding our skin conditions and needs.

  • You can chose the foundation that works best for you. for example if you have dry skin, go for the foundation that is available in Liquid forms and have more tendency of moisturising.
  • If you have oily skin, go for the foundation that is matte and can absorb oils from your face and help it to stay less shiny and more matte.
  • If you have acne-prone skin, try to use mineral based foundations since they will not get into your pores and help it stay less irritable, and the ones that have more SPF in them to help your skin stay protected from the harsh environment.

So there will be foundation, for all your skin tyes. You just need to look for the one thats suits you the best, and gives the most flawless finish according to your needs.


How to apply foundation perfectly;

The best way I find to apply foundation, to give a natural finish is through a Damp Beauty Blender. I find that way to be my favourite since it requires less effort and does the job perfectly. Though if you want a more high-coverege look, use a good foundation brush.

These 2 are my favourite brushes to apply seamless foundation;

these brushes are my holy grail.

Here are the Foundations I have used and still use;


Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation;

My ultimate favourite foundation till date is the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation, without any doubt, thats the foundation that gives me the full-coverage with just one layer and it has the most perfect finish. I can’t even describe how much I love that foundation. its high coverage, so I dont use it on day to day basis, I have saved it for al the events and dates with my husband, because thats when I want to feel the most comfortable and confident with my skin.

It is literally the best foundation, if you are into high coverage makeup looks. You just need to get the color that suits your skin the best and you will be ready to rock that look, after applying this foundation. this foundation will not budge until you have to remove your makeup. it is a little expensive though, so you will have to save some money before getting your hands on it.

Fenty Beauty;

this foundation really had been hyped a lot about, on the internet, and it was all true. Rihanna really did came up with the most creamiest textured foundation that sits on your skin really well. its consistency is smooth and rich and it blends in your skin exactly how you wish for a foundation to be.

tis foundation is Matty-fying so its best for the people with oily skin. But I have been using it for some time and I have a skin tone that is more towards the dry to combination  side and its been just perfectly syncing with my skin. So its worth the buy and its not even that expensive as many other, same consistency brands. It is available is all the Sephora’s.

Too faced;

this foundation has also been popularised and talked about a lot. and it is perfect for people that have dry skin, its formulae is very creamy and it has water-like properties that I am not really a big fan of, plus the packaging is not what I like foundations to have. it has a open mouthed bottle, which gets the foundation to go to waste. Although you need to apply 1 layer of foundation to get seamless foundation . it applies really good and gives you a good finish which is shiny, and it removes all the blemishes which gives it a win-win situation. I mostly use it when I have to go to events for a longer period of time, because this foundation will last you through sweat and everything. It is a little expensive but I would say its justifiable.

Dior & M.A.C;

These are one of my favourite foundations that work amazingly no matter how good or bad your skin is. these foundations won’t get you down. Dior’s consistency is very creamy anti glides really well whereas M.A.C is more thick. these foundations have medium to full coverage, which can be used on day to day basis.

Dior is expensive but if you are looking for an alternate which is also drugstore priced, M.A.C will do the magic for you. M.A.C has SPF 15 which is amazing for you skin but should not be wore for flash photography since it will look shiny during night time.


I heard a lot about this foundation before buying it. its consistency and texture is very thick and coverage-wise this foundation is light to medium. I got a shade lighter than my skin tone so I was not really impressed about how this foundation worked with my tone, but it felt really good and light on skin. it does require a little effort to blend it in fully. but the result you get is really good

Maybelline Fit Me & L’oreal;

These 2 foundations are my all-time favourite. they are cheap and can be used on everyday basis by everybody. Both these foundations gives you a flawless finish with one to two layers, depending on where you are going to use it. these foundations are good for all skin-types. there texture is creamy, they are easily blend able, and they will last you a very long time. These foundations can be bought from any drugstore and they work literal magic. whether you are starting out doing makeup or you are a pro and have to use a daily foundation, these 2 will do the trick.

Do let me know how you find these!

Till then, Take care lovelies!!!


How Pakistani girls are trained to do just as told, their entire life.

Hello my people,

So I was brought up in a middle class environment by a normal family and very loving parents. I was given everything and anything I wanted. but there was this certain pattern of training that I find myself undergoing and my siblings as well and then I see it happing very commonly among any desi families I was related to and am friends with and slowly I have realised that its the training every girl has to do undergo that all their life for example girls getting prepared to get married and live up to the standards of community.

Girls are told exactly how they should behave in order to achieve the standard of a docile environment, where their opinion is heard but not taken seriously. They would be laughed at if they come up with business ideas or wanting to pursue a serious career, because the most important thing near the parents and community is the MARRAIGE of their daughter, sister or any female related to them.

Girls are told every step of the way that their task and duty in life is to make the family happy, to make and educate their children and anything related to, being at home. Even when the girls do all of these they are still laughed at, because all they do is stay at home and take care of food, home and children and so they shouldn’t give any opinion regarding business or even the politics because how much will a woman know when she is only staying at home.

Girls are taught how to cook and clean since the childhood, which is a good manner to have, whereas in Pakistani culture I don’t see mothers teaching the same thing to their sons, they can go out with friends and stay out late whereas these rules can’t be applied to daughters because that would be just wrong, There is no certain explanation to why the girls are not given the same rights as boys, Now let me be clear, in Islam, the religion that is followed by muslims and most people living in Pakistan, Girls should be getting the same amount of respect and consideration, its the culture that has formed by the people themselves and now its corrupting the whole system.

Now as we have stepped into the 20’s, these things are becoming more outlandish and girls are stepping in and helping community and they running business successfully but even though they have every thing as a western women achieves, they have this thing inside their heads, installed and programmed since their birth, that they need to get married to become entirely successful but WHY????


5 series to binge-watch right now

Hello my beautiful people, while I was away in South Africa, I managed to get some time out for myself and binge-watch as many series as I could have and so I came across some amazing stories that I haven’t been able to watch in some time, so some great recommendations coming ahead.

  1. Stranger things:

Fictional yet so amazingly performed and acted. I started off watching just for fun and the first 2 episodes kinda scared the hell out of me but I was soo hung up o the story that I kept on watching, its spooky but the story-line is just right on point. it is about a mind-controlling girl who had been tested in a secret lab, the story starts here and takes some great turns.

2. Riverdale:

If you want to re-live your high school experiences with some extra drama, this will do for you. the story takes some great turns about the crimes and monsters and drugs and some illegal activities in their town called Riverdale. The story is filed with, the kids fighting off all those crimes.

the story revolves around exception friendship and relationships, ups and downs.

3. Big Little Lies:

okay, this series has some real issues underlying, along with a good story going on. It’s about different families living in a town, with each house having their own problems and serious issues and how they deal with it all.

First season seems to be a little harsh but you eventually get a hold on it and once you are in the story, there is no way out. they have everything outstanding including cast and direction.

4. Jessica Jones:

It’s a fine story from Marvel, about a girl with super powers and abilities that make her some sort of Super but those abilities have came from her being a lab rat. the story is based on how she copes with it all and makes herself a hero out of nothing.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

if you are looking for a fun series to watch and enjoy your Saturday afternoon binge-ing, this will help you. the story is about detectives doing some fun out of all the serious situations and that is quite delightful to watch. the characters are filled with so much reality that you will just keep on watching.


How to shop High-end in South Africa

hello my people, Long time, no see!!!

So I just back from my South Africa tour and had the most relaxing time while being there and I did some great shopping. let me give you a quick guide incase you want to go and spend some extra amount of Ching-ching buying some Branded stuff.

two of the most amazing malls where you can by anything from local to international to brands are Sandton city and Hyde park.

I actually did go to Sandton city myself and did some great shopping because of the big stores, they have much more variety but I find everything to be of great price maybe due to their location but you won’t be able to buy anything the way you can at Sandton city.

they have an amazing food court with everything from Krispy Kreme to Mug & Beans, which by the way is a splendid cafe.

you can almost find anything in there and the thing that aren’t available there is like the YSL and Valentino can be found at Hyde park.

but the major shops that are available in Sandton are;

  • Adidas
  • aldo
  • Armani Jeans
  • Boss
  • Burburry
  • bvlgari
  • Calvin lien jeans
  • Cardies
  • Carrol Boyes
  • Cartier
  • Christian dior
  • Cinnabon
  • Coach
  • Zara
  • vans
  • Versace
  • Urban decay
  • ted Baker
  • The body <shop
  • Timberland
  • Tiger of Sweden
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • nike NYX
  • kappa
  • Kurt Gieger
  • Roberto Botticelli
  • H&M
  • Hagen Dazs
  • Hamleys
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Juicy Couture
  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Gant
  • Guess
  • The cross trainer
  • Lush

these were the few stores I needed to shop in and it was an amazing experience. If you go visit South Africa, you should definitely go for a shopping haul in Sandton city and if you wanna go extra then you should definitely go to Hyde park.

I’ll be coming up with more South Africa related blogs very very soon. take care till then.


Ramadan Karim

hello to all the beautiful people. So this is the month of Ramadan for all our Muslim sisters and brothers. we understand this the month where muslims fast for 1 month but what is the essence of it? Why do they do it? and what good it brings them? let me give you a quick insight of it all.

  • So Ramadan is basically the month in Islamic calendar that ensures that all muslims feel the same because God created us as one and so they can learn about the value of hunger and thirst and be grateful for what has offered to them. its a 30 day period and Muslims stops eating before the sun has risen and they can eat only after the sun has set, depending on their time and weather zones. It’s the month where the doors of heaven has been opened and the doors of hell has been closed, every good deed will be awarded as 10X more and all the prays will be heard by ALLAH.
  • By fasting we get to feel the pain of suffering of the people that don’t get to eat anytime of the day and so it creates the impact on people and motivates them to give more so that no one has to suffer from hunger and this kind of situation. Muslims give as much as they are capable of, during this month of Ramadan.
  • The basic message that Islam gives is that Every single being is equal to the other. No one is higher in ranks than the other and this month emphasis on that particularly.
  • During the fast muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything except if a women is pregnant, during travelling, menstruation or if someone is really sick.
  • The basic goal of all the muslims during this holy month is to detoxify themselves from any pride-ness, self-centred and them being full of themselves, during fast you feel down to earth and you would be able to feel and being thankful for the blessings that we are not able to appreciate during our normal life.

After the month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world celebrates Eid, where we have to pay a certain amount, depending upon our income and other factors including so that people who are less fortunate can be a part of this festival.

Every muslim men prays an Eid pray at mosque in the morning and then they come home where the females have made any kind of sweet. This is the day where everyone goes to their relatives and go out and just have fun and be thankful for everything they have from family to friends and all the blessings.