Let’s talk Foundations.

Hello my lovely people. And welcome back Winter! *eyeroll*, its getting severely cold here in Denmark. tell me about all of you? How are you guys dealing with the weather living in your state? Okay so what is the most primal and critical part about makeup? any guesses.. Well it is your Foundation. it can…Read more »

Going Vegan for 1 week?!

okayyy.. So its going to be one of the biggest decisions I am taking these days regarding my health and diet. I was just reading about being Vegan and how it beneficial for us and that its scientifically proven that people who lives a vegan life lived 6.1 year more than meat-eaters. I was like…Read more »

Marriages in South-Asian parts of the world

Hello my wonderful people. So marriage is something that bonds two people together and everything ties along, their future, their time, children and everything comes along when you get married. it requires a lot of understanding and good friendship because you need to be able to share your vulnerabilities and stress with each other. Now…Read more »

DIY Hair Mask

Everybody wants beautiful hair and maintaining quality hair isn’t one of the easiest things to do along with all the styling we have to do and all the busy schedules we have. in this busy life you should be able to spend some time, taking care of the hair for them to look amazing and…Read more »

Hair Care

Hair problem is something that all of us face at some stage starting from our early teens. as the hormones start to change your body requirements change and so are the nurturing and caring of each parts of the body. As a Middle East girl, our mothers love oiling our hair since the childhood. my…Read more »